PC Music Playback, 2017


I just use the built-in Windows 10 app (Groove). Even though the streaming service is being discontinued, the app is sticking around.

I like it because:

  • It looks pretty and I’m superficial
  • It has a nice “Now Playing” full-screen mode that I can use on my HTPC or on my laptop while doing things elsewhere
  • It seamlessly integrates with OneDrive so that I don’t need to keep my music library stored locally
  • It fully supports FLAC and other formats too, not just MP3


That’s fair man.


Yeah. My previous modem-router from my ISP LOVED Subsonic. THe fact that it handles video, too, was just amazing. It could even reencode video to phone compatible formats and stream them to me in the gym. . . in like 2012! The future, son.


Shit, I’m sorry man, but that is a shaaaame. I dunno what I’d do without Subsonic.


Yeah, Google Play Music streaming here.

In the extraordinarily rare instance that I’m playing a local MP3, I believe I have VLC set as the default player.

Actually, I may have stopped bothering, and just let the Win 10 default player kick in. I can’t recall, it’s been so long.


You can add local files to Spotify, so even if you’re mostly streaming, you don’t need a standalone player.


Not only that but you can use this to sync local files to your phone as well.


I used to MediaMonkey Gold / MusicBee but am also shifting what little remains of any actual MP3/FLAC/AAC over to Plex too…


I’m telling you Windows 10 Groove is pretty solid

But yeah if you stream everything now, pointless to use any executable.


Which of the streaming services allow you to upload your local collection to listen to on the go? Thanks.


Google Play Music allows up to 50,000 songs with a free account. Apple Music is 100,000, but only while you have an active monthly subscription.


And Groove has native integration with OneDrive, so whatever music you have in OneDrive will automatically show up to stream or download locally in Groove on Windows / iOS / Android. But at the end of this year it won’t be a traditional streaming service anymore.


But Apple Match tries to erase your original files on your phone when matching them to save space. I uploaded everything to Google Play, and everything is still there. Songs are still dissapearing from my iPhone months after i enrolled in Apple Match.


Is there program that does a good job with random play on semi-large libraries? I find Amazon Music and Google Play sorely lacking when I hit random.


MediaMonkey. I basically tell it to play my entire gaming soundtrack library (a couple hundred gigs at least) randomly all the time.


If I add music to OneDrive, will that subtract storage space for other files? I need the space for files more than I do for music.


Does Google Play work on Windows 7 too? Or is it only for phones?


Sure does. There’s a music uploader program you can install but you mostly access it from a web site.


Wow, horrible reviews. Bad Google!

There’s no official Windows player either AFAIK.


It just runs in your web browser, not a separate exe. You don’t need that plugin either. Though I do use a different plugin to let it use the keyboard media keys.