PC Music Playback, 2017


I use the AudioStation on my synology Nas for streaming/downloading my collection over ssl. Has a decent android app as well.


Yes - so 5GB for free or more if you have more from office 365 and such


I use the unofficial Google music desktop app and it’s pretty good. Some time ago, I did just use the browser (and similarly a media keys extension as mentioned above by Thraeg) but I don’t like having to search out a specific browser tab whenever I want to get to my music, so the dedicated desktop app is preferable for me. Also now I don’t accidentally start forgotten YouTube videos in other tabs and things like that when I press my keyboard play button.

Edit: link- https://www.googleplaymusicdesktopplayer.com/


Thanks for sharing that!


This turns out to be kind of true.

I’ve pretty much been a loyal Spotify person since they came to the US. But a few weeks ago they decided they don’t like my debit card anymore and cancelled me so I decided to take the opportunity to check out some of the other service’s free trials.

I’m pretty much settling on Google, I think. They’ve really improved the UI since I first tried it out, and it’s integrated enough with Youtube that most anything they don’t have in their music library pops up as a Youtube video. And then if that fails, I can upload it myself and stream it that way. Convenience uber alles!

The downside is that everyone else still uses Spotify, but as long as they have a free tier I can still hear other people’s playlists when I feel like it.

EDIT: Oh, and it has a perfectly functional (if not particularly feature-rich) podcatcher, so I can dump the increasingly slow and annoying Mediamonkey.


The majority of my music is Amazon Prime albums downloaded to my phone for free. Recently I got on a Warren Zevon kick and downloaded 6 of his albums to my phone. No charge except for yearly Prime cost. Since Prime sometimes removes albums from streaming I now download everything I like to my phone. Prime pays for itself just by the number of downloads I do every year. And luckily my phone has plenty of room.


Are there services that stream FLAC songs?