PC parts - last chance to warn me if I'm going wrong

Here’s the current list I’m considering ordering in the AM…

MSI K8N Neo4-F $86
A64 Venice core 3500+ $268
Leadtek 6600GT PCI-Express $165

Total $525 shipped.

I read the ram DDR config stuff on MSI’s site and it’s a little wierd. Nobody’s bitching about it in the newegg reviews though other than it’s odd in the manual. I did see a note on MSI’s site about having to tweak ram timings and voltage perhaps.

Anyway, I’ve got 2 sticks of 512 Centon 3-2-2-5 DDR400 and a pair of 256 Corsair 3-2-2-5 DDR400. I guess I’ll just run the Centon and put the Corsair in my wife’s PC. Apparently running 4 dual-sided ram sticks drops the DDR to 333.

So, anything funky about that equipment above or should I pull the trigger on it? Also, it’s $5.99 for super-saver shipping or $18 for 2day. I’d really like it by Friday night, but I’ve heard of newegg occasionally taking days to ship something anyway. Hrm… think I could get it here in NC that soon?

No advice on the hardware but Newegg gets stuff to me in two days with super saver shipping quite frequently. If I order before the deadline on Wednesday it is almost always here by Friday.

– Xaroc

When that video card thread started here, I placed an order on Newegg for the AGP version of that same video card. I placed it Monday at 9:38am, it shipped out of New Jersey at 12:03pm the same day, and was delivered Wednesday at 10:27am. That was super-saver shipping.

You’re probably looking at 2nd day delivery with Super-saver anyway. If you were going to spend extra money, I would be more likely to spend it on their “Faster processing” option instead – should get it shipped today for sure instead of possibly tomorrow morning.

Well, I decided to waste some money and go with guarenteed overnight and the extra $2 for speedy processing. This is what happened:

I call my bank (Bank of America) and tell them to add an alternate address to my visa card so I can ship to my office. They say ok, it’s done, should take effect immediately.

I place order with newegg at 9 am. I get email from newegg at 11:30 saying verification failed.

I call the bank back, talk to the credit card dept again and ask if they have a record of me calling before. Yes. What was done? No record. Is there an alternate address added? NO. Will you friggin do it NOW? Sure. Another 20 minutes wasted on the phone.

I call Newegg back, explain that my bank hosed me, please try again. They say it’s a 4 hour queue on validation, so they’ll get to me. Sit tight. Shipments leave at 3pm PST so if I haven’t heard anything by 5:30 EST call back.

I call back. Still hasn’t validated. However, they’re trying to release it. Please stand by the phone and someone will call me eventually. So, here I am staring at the phone.

God dammit, this is exactly why I loathe mail ordering anything. It’s ALWAYS a fiasco for me. Looks like it’s gonna miss the truck, so my $28 for next day is a waste. Well, not really because I’d otherwise get it monday or tuesday. Insert litany of F-bombs here.