PC Peripheral thread

Anyone get any interesting hardware (besides that mechanical keyboard wumpus is manufacturing) lately?

I just picked up a Logitech G710+ mechanical keyboard and G602 wireless gaming mouse that’s rated for 200+ hours.

I also own a Logitech G710+, and recently went for their G700s wireless gaming mouse. While the latter has a USB cord that can both recharge and transmit data, the truth is it goes through its charge within two days of moderate use. Which is way to fast. So, I pretty routinely plug that sucker back in. Other than that, it is a pretty nice mouse.

Logitech makes some pretty good peripherals.

I had a g700 – it ran down in less than two days since it only used a single AA. Hated it for that reason and sold it.

I picked up a 602, but used a G700 for several years. I just kept a charger nearby with AA’s and swapped in new batteries every couple of days.

PS4 controller. It’s nice for Dark Souls.


Wait, I haven’t tested mine yet. It works well?

Yup, working fine (The touchpad isn’t active, but I can live without that).

That’s awesome.

Heh, I’m still using a MS ergo keyboard I bought back in 1996. I’m amazed it’s lasted this long, mainly that it’s survived not having the wife or kids spill something on it.

The G602 is really comfortable. I’m liking it compared to the G500/600/700 I had previously.

The smooth texture instead of the scroll is annoying though.

I would like a report on the battery life and the range of the 602 please. Can I use it in my couch in the living room with an HTPC under the TV?

I had a old Logitech wireless media mouse, and OMG did the batteries ever lasted on this mother. I think it’s good for 3-4 months. So I’m always surprised to hear that other logitech mice drinks batteries like gatorade.

I bought myself a Corsair M65 the other week as I was fed up with replacing batteries on my otherwise mostly good Logitech wireless mouse. I’m very much liking the performance and ergonomics of it. The only complaint I have is the same I have with almost every mouse - as someone with small hands, the thumb buttons are not conveniently placed and I have to consciously reach for them, or put my palm in an unnatural position on the mouse.