PC Publishers shoot themselves in the foot... again

I said it last year, and now I’ll say it again–when the slow season comes and everyone is bitching about having nothing to play, I’m going to ressurrect this thread and remind you guys of all the games you didn’t have time to play over the holidays.

Seriously, it’s not like you have to play all of these games now. I spent spring through fall of this year catching up on a whole crapload of stuff that I didn’t have time to play last Christmas. A lot of them had been marked down, too, so I ended up getting stuff like Battle for Middle Earth for $19.99. Not a bad deal at all.

You think you’ve got it bad. Aside from B&W 2, I want all the games on your list and would add,

Stubbs the Zombie
Civ IV
The Movies
Serious Sam 2

Guess I’ll have to buy half of them six months down the road…USED! :P

I take it you’ve never visited the Gaming Age forums.

You nerds can bicker about which games sell and when. All I know is that there are a lot of good games coming out real soon… I just gotta break this damn WoW habit before I can play them. :oops:

The positive is that if they come out in October and you exercise patience, you can buy them one by one in the coming weeks as they go on sale at Best Buy, CompUSA, Target, etc., periodically.

You pay a premium when you buy them in the first few days of release. It takes the chains a week or so to put them on sale.

That’s true, I rarely pay more than €30 for a new game anymore. My backlog is just so big, and new games get discounted so fast…

So a holiday glut basically means more cheap games for us… in a month or two! :)

I’m a financial disaster at the moment and it hurts me greatly to see all these games I’ve been reading about and looking forward to for months and years all start to trickle in at the same time. Oh how I’d love to just not pay rent this month and go crazy buying games. :(

Also, City of Villains is supposed to release at the end of the month, too. They recently announced that owners of both CoH and CoV would only pay one monthly fee of $15, which is pretty damn rad. :)

You think you’ve got it bad. Aside from B&W 2, I want all the games on your list and would add,

Stubbs the Zombie
Civ IV
The Movies
Serious Sam 2

Guess I’ll have to buy half of them six months down the road…USED! :P[/quote]

ditto, and ditto on the used. Except I’m buying like 5 copies of stubbs, just based on my 20 minutes of play in May.

Hey dont go look to see whats going to be released in November.

So… what’s going to be released in November? ;-)

I’m not even sure what’s the best place to look anymore. Let’s try gamestop.com… (I only care about xbox, pc, and ds, so let’s just look at those…)

Battlefront II
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (for Xbox?! didn’t know about this!)
Matrix: Path of Neo (OK, fine, but I’m reserving judgment - even Shiny can learn)
King Kong
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (I can’t keep track of which Cthulhu game is which)
GalCiv II (w00t!)
Rise of Legends
The Movies
Auto Assault
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (for PC)

Ooh, and then in December there’s Hammer and Sickle, PoP 3, …

And meanwhile my backlog is still at a record length. But it’s all Dungeon Siege 2’s fault. Well, that and my adorable ten-month-old baby girl :-D


Well, forget about Rise of Legends, which isn’t due until sometime in 2006.

Yes, very good of them! But I doubt it will release in October. Hopefully, it will be out before Xmas though!

They seem very determined about it. I suspect they (Cryptic) have a deadline from NCSoft as well as from the season’s timing.

Playing right now: Dragon Warrior VII, Gladius and DDS. I can wait a good long time before I actually need to buy anything.

Some of the backlog: Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Breath of Fire III, IV, Final Fantasy 8 and 9, Chrono Trigger, Stella Deus, ah hell… it just goes on and on! Looking forward to the Oblivion Gold box with both official expansions… in 2007.

Was there a time when it was thought that people would have to pay subs for both CoH and CoV? I’ve never played CoH (still have it in my desk, waiting for me to tire of Wow), but it was my outsider understanding that CoV was an expansion that effectively added a Horde to the Hero’s Alliance, that it was just an expansion. Given that, wouldn’t it have been expected that it was just 1 sub, like any other MMO expansion?

Thats what you would think but I guess not.

I think its fucking retarded but whatever.

It’s not an expansion; it’s a standalone game. It shares some zones with CoH (where you can fight hero players), but you don’t need to own CoH to play CoV. They hadn’t released any info about pricing or subscriptions for owners of both games previously, but I think this is the smartest move for them.

So if its a standalone game they thought it would be a great idea to introduce yet another MMO in to the market?

Would like to quote this for emphasis. Thanks.

Would like to quote this for emphasis. Thanks.[/quote]

I take it that you’ve never been to the Gaming Age forums either.