PC Ram upgrade question

I’m trying to get a few more months out of my current PC and am thinking about adding RAM. I currently have 1 GB, in the form of two 512’s. However, my motherboard only has three slots. Would it be possible for me to add another 1 GB chip without problems or am I limited to having all three chips at the same size?

if those 2 sticks are running in dual channel mode, then adding the 3rd stick will take it out of that mode (at least, that’s what happens on my Asus A7N8X deluxe (NF2)). However, any loss in performace will probably be regained and, in fact, performance should improve with another 1gig.

You should be able to add any size you want, but you probably should double-check the MB manual (my MB is limited to 1GB per RAM slot, 3GB total). You should, at the very least, make sure that it’s the same speed. If it’s faster than your existing RAM, then you’re probably wasting money. If it’s slower, then you’ll be slowing down your existing memory (which, I assume, isn’t doing too bad).

It would definately be the same speed RAM. As for dual channel effects, my understanding from when I built the computer was that AMD64 processors don’t actually support that feature, though there seemed to be lots of debate about it.

AMD64 processors most certainly support dual channel RAM. Whether your particular motherboard does is another story. Seeing as how it has three slots it very well may not.

I posted a link to a good deal on a gig of RAM in the other RAM thread you might want to check out.

Thanks, but I think I’ll stick with the brand I’m already using (Kingston). Looks like about $110 for a gig.

One thing that’s interesting is that I looked at my order history at Newegg to verify the brand and details of the RAM I have in this computer and the price for what I bought over 2 years ago only dropped from $160 to $120. At the time 1G sticks were over $200 and now are cheaper than 2x512 packages. Weird.

Shouldn’t be a problem, but there might be other limitations. E.g., my Socket 754 Athlon 64 MB has 3 DIMM slots, but I can only put in two PC3200 (400MHz) DIMMs; if I fill all three, it’s limited to PC2700 (333MHz).

What MB & CPU do you have?

RAM prices are more volatile than other PC components. They fluctuate with supply and demand: I bought a gig of PC3200 DDR RAM earlier this year for ~$70; that same stick is now ~$100.

I looked in the MB manual and it supports up to 3GB with each slot being able to handle up to 1GB of PC3200/400 RAM (though it does support slower RAM). I picked up a 1G of the same brand and latency today and the system seems to have no problem, though I haven’t tried it on anything to see if there is any noticeable impact.