PC to TV HDR is washed out

I finally decided to try and get HDR working for when I’m playing my PC on my TV. Got a good HDMI cable to handle the bandwidth, but when HDR is selected, the picture immediately gets darker and more washed out. I have a Samsung Q6FNA an NVidia video card.

Any tips on why this might be happening and how to fix?


Cool! Wish me luck! Gonna boot up Cyberpunk and hope it looks amazballs.

There’s an option in the Windows HD Color Settings to adjust the brightness of standard content when HDR is turned on. Look for ‘SDR content appearance’.

It does!

Cyberpunk has bad HDR and the general recommendation is to leave it turned off for better picture.

Apparently the HDR implementation on PS5 is poor, so I’m guessing it’s poor on PC as well.

Here was a PS5 comparison video:

I got HDR working and it was really vibrant. The problem was all shaded scenes were so dark I couldn’t make out any details.

PC is getting console style Auto HDR…

You can run SDR and Auto HDR side by side apparently, to compare.

Very nice! I wonder how long it’ll be before us non-Windows Insider plebs can use it.

Great! Hoping they can un-fuck the HDR situation on PC. It sorta works today but very much depends on the game, video drivers, exact settings, etc etc etc. and often needs to be manually twiddled.

Potential hope?

We fixed an issue that makes high dynamic range(HDR) screens appear much darker than expected.