PC Upgrade - Looking for advice

I’ve got some fun money coming in and was thinking of upgrading my aging (2014) gaming beast a little bit, now the new 9th gen intel processors are almost out.

What I’m considering is the following (going from what I have on the left to what I’m upgrading to on the right).

Asus Z87 Pro board --> ASRock H370M Pro 4
Intel i7 4470K --> Intel i7 9700K
16GB DDR3 --> 16GB DDR4
Samsung 850 512GB SSD --> Samsung 970 Pro M.2 1TB SSD*

I’m also picking up a Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler to protect my i7 investment.

*Note I’d keep the Samsung 850 as a secondary drive.

I’m not changing out the video card this year, the 1080 Ti is probably going to be fine for awhile longer yet @1440p, and I’m using the same 850W PSU and my amazing Cooler Master case. So it should be a fairly simple build in that I’m not going to have to re-do too much of the cable management, especially since the new SSD is an M.2 and just slots into the board directly (I love those).

Am I over looking something? Any alarm bells going off, or any suggestions to fine tune? I may shave $200 off and stick with 512GB for the M.2 just because I’ve never really gone below 150GB on the one I’m using now, simply because I only have 5-7 games installed at a time, and I have a secondary 1TB drive (from my PS4) stuck in the PC for extra storage. So that might be one tweek, we’ll see.

Just don’t be a dummy like me and make sure the new motherboard fits in your current case.

Sounds like a fast system. Only thing jumps to mind is that the motherboard likely needs a bios update, so make sure it’s released first.

Yeah, I was a bit worried as it’s a MicroATX but I looked my case specs and up and it looks like that’s supported. I only have one PCI device in there these days, so I should be able to make it all fit, but it’s always a bit of a concern.

@Scott123 That’s a good note - I was going with an article that said I need a “300 series” LGA 1151 and this was listed as one, and the reviews are stellar for this mobo. I won’t be putting the order in for a few months, so I’ve time to see how it all shakes out.

Have you checked that CPU upgrade will get you anything much? I mean you have a top GPU already…

According to some benchmarks I looked at last year (and again just now), the 8700K is “39% faster” than the 4770K I currently have. Doing benchmarks with my 1080 Ti last year I couldn’t help but notice I was 10-20 fps behind the 1080 Ti review benchmarks, which were running newer CPU’s. In some CPU heavy games, like Total Warhammer 2, I was really seeing some differences. So I think it’s a bit of a bottleneck.

I suspect if I upgraded to an 8700K any “bottleneck” I may have would be effectively none at 1440p. I kind of put it off for awhile, really, but with these new 9 series CPU’s I figure, hey, maybe now? I picked the 4770K up in the summer of 2014, and I already wanted an excuse to get a motherboard that featured an M.2 slot (I built a new PC for my mother in law last year with one and was super impressed with how crazy fast that was - noticeably faster than my Samsung 850) so with this upgrade I’ll get the faster SSD, faster memory (that’s probably not a big selling point, admittedly), and I remove any potential bottleneck my CPU might have. Since 80-85% of all my gaming is done on PC, it’s probably a good investment ever 4-5 years.

Plus, then I can bequeath my i7/mobo/memory over to my son’s PC (my previous gaming PC). He’s more of a console gamer though, so maybe I’ll just keep that stuff in a box as spare parts though. Undecided.

Gotta ask, how do you know this or what prompted you to say this?

I could be off base, but I thought the 370 series chipsets are for Intel’s 8th gen processors. Planning on getting a B360 myself. For the first time in ages Intel’s new CPUs, though launching with the 390 series boards, will actually work in the prior chipset boards with a BIOS update.

I’m assuming that is this BIOS update from July.

Now I just have to remember to grab it or hope it’s pre-installed on the board I purchase. It looks like the Instant Flash is a file you can save to a USB stick and update from BIOS, but will it boot into BIOS without the update if I have a 9th gen CPU socketed in? Curious.

Well, I give up. I think I’ll buy a new PC this weekend. You guys keep posting these threads.

Most of my components are actually from 2011, with a 970 in 2014 and an SSD in 2016.

I also realized I can give my entire existing PC and monitor to my brother. That would be nice.

With the new CPUs coming out very soon, doesn’t it make sense to wait unless you absolutely must have a computer this moment?

There’s no way I would buy a new computer until those 9th generation chips come out with the meltdown and spectre fixes (plus just the typical performance improvements). It would be one thing if they were 18 months out, but they’re just a few months away at most, right?

Next week. I assume things will be in good shape by late Nov. or so.

Super quick derail I hope, and then back to Scott, if he doesn’t mind. For a new system I’ll be building at some point soon, the CPU is an Intel i5-8400, and of course Amazon marked it as temporarily out of stock right after everything else shipped. How long does it usually take them to restock popular Intel CPUs? If it’s longer than I’m willing to wait, what would you guys recommend, for a Gigabyte Z370M motherboard, that’s close to the same cost and still decent? This’ll just be an updated gaming rig, not streaming or doing any super duper future-proofing.

And yeah, I guess it’d make sense to wait until the 9th gen CPUs are here, but I do need to pull this trigger now.

Why not go for the new Intel I9 cpus? I was thinking of doing an upgrade next year and the lower end I9 looks like it would make a very good gaming cpu.

Maybe you meant i5? The i9s are expensive in comparison and certainly lower value. The new i5 should be good. I like the non k processors at a lower price myself since I don’t overclock.

I was reading this article on ars:

I was looking at the low end cpu, for $589. Is that a good gaming cpu?

The i9’s are pretty expensive and kind of unnecessarily for gaming though. The i7 seems to me the sweet spot for sensible spending and power. I suppose if I end up with a little extra cash from the holidays I could upgrade to an i9 instead, we’ll see where things sit when it comes time to put an order in.

You could always pre-order an i5 9600K - they come out next Friday.

I knew there would be something that slowed the process to a crawl and made me not want to bother!

I may get a high end CPU so I can emulate Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

My personal favorite CPU is a sleeper hot rod. In comparison, the i7 8700K is 9% faster at games for 162% more money. The i3 8300, basically same performance as $380 CPUs, has been on sale for $129. It’s fully quad core too. Unfortunately it’s hard to find at all, harder to find at the MSRP at $145, and that sale price likely won’t come back. At $180-190 might as well get the i5.