PC Upgrade - Looking for advice


What kind of monitor will you be using with the new system?


If you can hold off, I’d see what AMD brings to the table.


Thanks for the responses so far. It’s an old hang up I suppose, but I’ve always been more comfortable with Intel/nVidia parts, so I’m not sure that I would end up going with an AMD processor or ATI video card. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but my understanding from some very quick reading is that AMD and ATI tend to run hotter and use more power (and possibly louder). Lower heat and noise is fairly important to me, partly because I’m around the system all day and this room tends to get very warm in the summer.

Meant to mention this in my original post, but I’m going to be sticking with my current monitors, and the only one I game on is 1920x1200 (Dell U2415).

[Edit] And I’m definitely not in a big hurry. I can wait a few months for sure, although if I can use a video card in both the current system and the newer one I might go ahead and pick that up.


Well, if you’re sticking to Nvidia and aiming at around the $200 price point, then there’s really no decision to make: you should go with a GTX 1060.


Another reason to wait for the next range of Ryzen CPUs. They are using 7nm manufacturing, which for a given performance level should give significantly lower heat/noise than Intel who are still on 14nm.