PC Upgrade - Looking for advice


Processor came today and Amazon decided they didn’t need to put any packaging materials in the box. So small cpu box throw around inside larger box. Great.


You’ll be fine. Processors are packaged really well and have no moving parts to rattle around. If it isn’t physically crushed, it’s not damaged.


My CPU didn’t come with a cooler. Any recommendations? Not overclocking, so something minimal is all I’m looking for.

Was looking at this:



I love my Noctua cooler, but you have a peculiar definition of minimal.


Did your cpu come with any of that air pillow stuff in it?


Soooo… how do I do a new Windows 10 install? I got WIn10 free during their promotion phase, and don’t have a serial number or anything. I am going to do a fresh build. No way do I want to do an upgrade over existing messy system. This way I can also test my new build, while running current system til I feel comfortable all the new hardware works OK.

How do I do this?


Heh, yeah, the Noctua is not really minimal. I guess that’s why I asked, was hoping someone would pull me back from the edge. But I caved and grabbed it. :)

Yeah, @jpinard, mine did have some air pillows, actually. (Edit: moved my Windows-related response to the Win10 thread.)


About to deconstruct and build. Wish me luck.



@barstein I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one. Think you will be happy with it. Mine is the predecessor to the one you ordered, the u12p se2


Good luck!!!


Unsure whether I needed the Intel 9560 M.2 card I linked above above or the 9260 (which actually does have BT despite what I’d thought before, oops), I can’t seem to place either of them in the slot of the ASRock Z390.

The card clicks into the slot just fine, but remains at an angle and wants to be anchored. It has a rounded notch which appears to conform to something (screw hole?) on the motherboard, but it won’t click into position and I don’t want to force it. The motherboard manual says to use a screw, but didn’t seem to come with a screw that fits. Hmm.


You can see the silver socket that fits around that thing.


By silver socket, you mean the rounded thing by the corresponding half circle notch on the card? It stops short of fitting. Maybe I need to push super hard?


Newegg started charging tax in PA this year. :(


No don’t. Google m.2 screw. They are tiny, but common. Did your mobo not include any tiny screws?


No, I think you use that little screw @Brad_Grenz is referring to and secure it that way. It should half cover (half-circle) the screw socket there, and then the screw holds it down.



Case came with 5 different screws but none small enough. Nor are those in the kit I purchased separately.

I’m seeing M.2 screws in searches, but I have no way of knowing if they’re small enough either. Guess I’ll just take a chance on one. Appreciate the help.


It should have come with the motherboard, not the case. Recommend checking the hardware that came with it again (including the screws you already used :) ) On my MSI Z370 board, the M.2 screw was in the motherboard already, so maybe yours rattled out or the mb mfr didn’t send one and should have done so.


That could be, that they weren’t all packed into the MB box. There was only a bag of spacers and MB mounting screws.


Nothing looks any different from the screws in the kit I bought. Damn. Just going to hold off and do without wifi and bluetooth for now, no sense in buying a bunch of random kits without knowing if any of them contain the right size screw.