PDF editing software that's free and not riddled with scamware?

My motherboard needs to be exchanged as all but one USB port has failed. Apparently Asus thinks everyone owns an expensive PDF editor.

Without getting a trial version of some software is there some program that does this without ripping you off or it installing scamware? Foxit charges $130 for a PDF editing, and I really don’t want to install trial version of Adobe Editing stuff as their software is so bloated and hard to full cleanse off the HD.

Awhile back Adobe was giving out CS2 (with Acrobat… 7?) – if you find an appropriate link to that, it might be worth trying.

What does this have to do with the ASUS mobo?

I assume he needs to fill out a PDF claim form of some description.

Can you print it, fill it in manually and scan it?

No one “needs” a PDF editor. 90% of what you need can be done by making the document in Word or whatever and the printing to a virtual printer like the XPS one Microsoft includes-but their format never caught on.

DoPDF and PrimoPDF were free–haven’t checked if they still are–probably with “offers” that have to be deselected during install.

NitroPDF from the makers of Primo is a reasonable $50 or cheaper on sale.

Adobe Reader can fill out forms.

There’s no way I could re-create this in Word (unless there’s some way to import it). It’s 3 pages, complicated with 27 fields I have to fill in. It’s almost as bad as my tax returns (probably since this is a cross-ship deal).

I never even thought about printing it out, filling it out manually, re-scanning and then re-mailing. It looks like they want a computer to fill in forms though, so I hope they don’t mind stuff penned in by hand. It’s taken forever for this to happen and I really don’t want my last USB to die (using a 10-port hub right now) while waiting for my replacement board.

Is the PDF form an image or a form that you can fill out then print from a computer? If its an image then there is no pdf program that will allow you to fill in the blanks. For an image you will need to print it, fill it out by hand or use a typewriter, then scan it back into a pdf. If you can fill in the blanks, print it then scan it back into a pdf. A pdf editor program will allow you to fill out a form and save it, provided that there is no security protecting the form. I don’t know of any free pdf editors, but I’ve been using NitroPDF for many years now and haven’t had any problems.

If it’s done as an interactive form properly then Adobe Reader can fill it out. If it’s just a plain old non interactive "image only " PDF form you are better off printing it off–filling it out by hand with your best printing and then scanning it back into a PDF (“printing” to a free virtual PDF printer if that’s the format they insist on getting it back in)

Pdfpen for iPad is 14.99

Free and awesome.

Also have to look for my Sandisk MP3 player to send you.

IIRC the free version of Foxit allows you to add comments and overlay text. The latter would seem sufficient for the purposes here.

Although you may need to load it in the full version, not the browser plugin, if that’s installed. Also, it can be version sensitive.

In the grad tradition of resurrecting years old threads…

What is the current hotness for free PDF editing software? I mostly read PDFs and just use Adobe Acrobat Reader, but the damned thing now no longer rotates pages? I just get an add to buy their editor. To hell with that. So what’s good out there that is free and not riddled with scamware?

Apple Preview comes with MacOS if you have a Mac.

SumatraPDF can easily rotate pages but not save the rotation as edits.

CoherentPDF lets you edit using the command-line, requires Python dependencies.

PDF24 is the only free offline tool that I can find. Everything else is paid or Web browser based.