PDX area July 20-23

I hadn’t intended to make another trip to the Portland area so soon after being out there last year, but my parents’ 70th birthdays are this year and they ended up out there rather than in Florida. So, I’m going to be in town from July 20 (Sat) to 23 (Tues). Obviously a good chunk of the time will be taken up with family stuff but I’m sure I could get an afternoon/evening free for a beer and/or some gaming if folks are available!

Had a great time with @Brooski @CraigM @Exodor last time, would love to see you guys again and anyone else from the area who’s interested!

Well I’ll be in town, but my schedule is uncertain, as I am literally in the process of selling my house in Chicago and finding a place for my family.

However! I am quite certain I can find a few hours. As long as I know a few days in advance, I should be available.

Bob, I am off that Mon/Tues (the whole week actually) so I should be available. Hope to see you!

I should be available, either on the weekend days or the weekday evenings.

Cool, maybe either Sunday afternoon or Monday evening would work! If anyone has a preference, I’m sure I can make either work. I’ll let you know as plans firm up on my end.

I am on 24/7 through that Monday morning, so Sunday is out for me, but if it works better for everyone else, go for it!

I’m available Monday & Tuesday, will be getting back from Camping Trip Sunday night (Gold Beach).

I don’t work, so I could possibly meat you during the days ;-)

Sounds like Monday is the time to be. Works for me

Where do you guys wanna meet up on Monday?

That’s a good question. I know Craig and I are over on the westside in Hillsboro. Where is everyone else located? It’s should be awesome weather. Downtown, Lucky Labrador is on Quimby with a nice outdoor seating & lots of tables.

Alternately, I have a nice house in the country if you just want to get together & have some brews & play some games. I can host a lot of people. I’m just outside of North Plains.

I have no particular preference! I’ll be down near Tigard but should have transportation, so I can meet wherever is convenient for y’all.

If you don’t, I actually recently moved to Tigard, off Hall near Washington Square. So I can always pick you up/ drop you off

I’m up on Skyline, but can drive anywhere.

I forgot to make the requisite Juno and Sword joke.

Good friend of mine used to live in Tigard, there’s a Sushi Boat place that I loved to visit when I was down that way. Sorry, I don’t really have anything to contribute to this discussion. I just like sushi.

Well what you guys thinking? For me I get off at 5:30 over by 185th, so it’ll take me until roughly 6:30-7 to get downtown. Alternately I could be by @Tman by 6 or sooner.

Actually given that @Exodor and @Brooski both live in the valley, that may be a pretty good option, probably the closest location overall.

Sounds good to me.

Either @Tman’s place or a nearby establishment sounds fine to me! I’m open on the timing, whatever works best for those of you with more schedule constraints than I have.

Just to confirm, this is for July, so we still have a month.

Other alternatives:

On a monday, we could actually get into ABV without too long of a wait. It’s a great beer hall with wonderful beer. While their beer list changes daily, you can peruse what they have on your phone or browser:


They also have some of the best bar food on the west side. Wonderful with lots of different & eclectic variations that are all wonderful:


Here is the appetizer menu: Poutine & Cheese Curds to make Bob feel at home!

We could still pop up to my house after dinner as it’s only about 8 minutes away, but this might be a good place to start.