Peacemaker (HBO Max)

This looks like a good time tbh. Casting especially seems right on. James Gunn is posting about it today and he seems pretty involved.

I was leery of Cena as a lead role. He was great in The Suicide Squad, but as a complimentary figure.

It looks so far as if those misgivings may be wrong.

The Eagle in the slow mo walking shot is cracking me up! :D

I wouldn’t normally post an ad like this, but Judas Priest and Eagly are good stuff.

Not to get everyone’s hopes and expectations up too high, but JoBlo received seven of the eight episodes for review and they absolutely loved it. They think it’s some of James Gunn’s best work.

Yeah, seeing a lot of positive reviews this morning. Even the negative review I read on Collider was saying she didn’t like that Peacemaker’s attitude of doing whatever it took for the government, even if it meant ethically dubious things was shifted onto other members of his team instead. But overall that review still sounded pretty positive on the show.

And now I scrolled upthread to find that we don’t actually get the show until January 13th! These reviews are too early.

Enjoyed the first three episodes, Vigilante might be my favorite add. Also that’s a hell of an intro.

Just watched the first episode and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to more!

It certainly has Gunn’s mix of ultraviolence, goofiness and non sequiters. Cena did a fine job.

I watched the three eps in a row. It was fun!
I’m liking Cena too.

So in reading YouTube comments, they made me aware that at the end, Eagly misses his mark and then gets onto it a second later. Makes the whole thing that much funnier.

I’ve barely started and Cena is damned good, you always wonder about wrestlers until you think about them and realize that they’ve been actors (with a serious gym rat ethos) the whole time. He seems great.

Having watched the first episode I’m getting a real “Ash vs. Evil Dead” vibe, which is a good thing.

Yep, watched the first three. It’s so ridiculous and obnoxious and knows what it’s doing and I love every minute of it.

Agreed. We watched all three tonight and had a great time.

Also I want that closet.

Eagly is the best. I was curious so I went poking around and Eagly is CG from Weta Digital, although he does have a human voice actor making the squawking sounds.

Apparently they tried going with a real eagle and had issues, so they switched to CG.

Funny thing, I was thinking on watching Eternals this weekend, but now I’m thinking that surely it will be dour and boring after watching this?

Eagly is awesome

Best character on the show. By far.