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I watched the first episode and was very underwhelmed. Kids learning stuff together at school is my favorite genre, but this one just bored me so much. Not sure I have it in me to watch the second episode.

No Sam and Dean? Shenanigans!

Peacock has a movie called “Firestarter”, with a picture of a girl with fire behind her. The poster didn’t appeal to me enough to check it out.

I went to the theater to see Top Gun: Maverick on Saturday and saw that Firestarter was playing in the theater as well. Really? Hey, I can watch that at home if I want!

So at home, I bring up Firestarter on Peacock (I have the premium plus plan currently so I can watch the French Open), and they have a feature on Peacock that I wish all the other streaming apps had. When you bring up Firestarter, it tells you right there that it has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 11% fresh. Hahahah. No thanks Peacock! And thank you for saving me the time.

Still though. That’s an awesome feature.

$24 for a year sub, offer ends 9/30/22.

Ad version only, though, it looks like

And not for existing subscribers. Fine then. I made a new account.

Looks like that new low price for the Ad version got them 2 million new paid subscribers.

I’m still hoping for a good deal on the ad-free version at some point.

Well, I guess this is a plan.

Anyone scoped out Rian Johnson’s and Natasha Lyonne’s new mystery series here, Poker Face? I guess it’s a standalone mystery of the week thingy?

It’s getting great reviews, so I’m tempted for sure, to get Peacock Premium for it.

Yup! It gets a thumbs up. I’ll quote what I put in the mystery series thread:

The first four episodes of Poker Face are up on Peacock. It’s the new episodic mystery series from Rian Johnson (Knives Out) starring Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll.)

It is very much a loving homage to Colombo, which is evident from the second the opening credits start to roll. I LOL’d at the episode name in “quotes” and the copyright date in Roman numerals. There are some new wrinkles though, one being the gimmick that inspired the title (which I’m not entirely sold on) and the other being that there’s a continuing storyline which makes this as much an homage to The Incredible Hulk/The Fugitive as to Colombo.

I’ve watched the first two episodes. The first is pretty much exactly what you’d expect when you say “Colombo homage from the Knives Out guy” and features Adrien Brody. I liked the second episode better, though. It felt more like its own thing … and it features John Ratzenberger!

I watched the other two episodes tonight, and it’s holding up (provided you buy into the essential 70s-ness of the “person wanders from place to place, constantly stumbling on mysteries” premise.) Chloe Sevigny is my fave of the Special Guest Star performances thus far.

My wife and I watched the first one on a whim. (We did watch and enjoy both seasons of Russian Doll) Really enjoyed it. In addition to the sort of homage to 70s series like Colombo, my wife noted that Natasha Lyonne is one of those actors who basically plays themselves in everything they are in. Which, if you like Natasha (and we do) is kind of cool as well.

Lyonne was on “Wait, Wait…” on NPR this morning and said that if she straightens her hair then she can walk around in NYC and not get recognized . . . until she speaks.

The wife, the 18-year old and I just watched the first episode. Quality entertainment. I really appreciate shows/movies with a less-is-more/show-don’t tell approach to storytelling. Such a rarity in these days of constantly speaking the subtext and explaining the plot in dialogue.

I’ll also note that this is the second consecutive thing I watched with Adrien Brody (first was See How They Run) in which I enjoyed instead of despised him. So, that’s something.

Appreciate the reviews! Cueing this up for tonight.

Honestly, a friend of mine described this to me yesterday as “Columbo, but with Natasha Lyonne instead of Peter Falk” and that was enough to sell me.

Haven’t seen it mentioned yet, but if you have Peacock I really enjoyed The Resort.

I am really liking Poker Face. Still if Charlie Cale ever wanted to be my friend, I think I would run like hell in the other direction.

Poker Face is a lot of fun. Rian’s been busy!

Yeah, I thought the only thing that would ever get me on Peacock again after the Olympics would be the Community movie, but it turns out Natasha Lyonne and Rian Johnson are gonna lure me back in first.

I agree. It’s been pretty fun so far!

I’m hoping the folding narrative / introduction gets mixed up a bit, as the “Crime happens, then [previously] here’s the setup” is fun for an episode or two, but it feels like a fun gimmick to pull off once, not every episode. Once the episode gets rolling past that intro it’s solid.

I was hoping for the episode with the truck stop episode that the psychopath mechanic would be so antisocial that it broke the lie detector and the character would have to figure things out without directly interrogating the perpetrator, but maybe they’ll bust out that twist later.

We have been able to pick out a number of the character mistakes that give things away - there’s definitely enough there for the amateur detectives at home to put the some of the evidence together without a super power.