Peacock (NBCUniversal) - Recommendations and Exclusives

In case folks don’t realize it, Tár (Academy Award nominated film with Cate Blanchett) is on Peacock now. No ads in the middle, just at the beginning.

I watched the first episode of Pokerface. I liked it enough that I’ll, continue. One thing did bug me a lot though.

If you’re going to set up a bunch of cameras in the hotel room and put a shill wearing a tapper in the high-stakes game, then there’s really no need for the person watching the cameras to have the supernatural BS detector ability. I know, I know. Brody’s character is a dumbass and if you didn’t include Lyonne, there’d be no show. Still, it annoyed me.

Hah, that’s a great catch. I’m just happy that there’s an enjoyable murder-of-the-week not on CBS and not focused on a supercop. I’ll watch these as long as they care to pump them out.

The latest Poker Face is lightweight when it comes to the detecting, but goes in big for the comedy.

My favorite part, though, was when the script tells the audience that sodium nitrate and potassium chloride are … easily available, deadly, completely undetectable poisons.

(I know: it’s unethical to mention actual easily available, deadly, undetectable poisons in your mystery, so it’s standard practice to use fake ones instead. I just think it’s fun that they troll the audience by mentioning real, not-instantly-fatal-in-reasonable-amounts substances found in many foods instead of going the usual route and making up fake names a la unobtanium. Somewhere a viewer is freaking out, going “OMG, this bacon I just bought contains sodium nitrate? That’s the poison from the thing!”)

I was already going to subscribe to Peacock for Poker Face soon. This upcoming show, Mrs Davis, sounds pretty cool too.

Nothing but respect for MY Warrior Nuns:

Watched the first episode of Mrs. Davis last night, and I don’t know yet if it’s good, but it’s not boring! The tone is all over the place (in a good way?–too soon to say) but Betty Gilpin surfs whatever that weird wave is that Damon Lindelof has conjured for her. I don’t know her from anything else, but in this she’s bad ass in a a way that’s not the typical “strong female character” thing. There’s four eps dropped to start, so I will give the next couple a try since I keep falling asleep in the first episode of Better Call Saul S6.

Thanks for the (sort of) recommendation! I picked up a year of Peacock, but unfortunately I picked up the version with the ads, so I don’t really feel like watching anything on it. I chose poorly. I think having two months of ad-free for $20 is a better price for me than paying $20 for the ad version, which is what I did. (Wah Wah Wah sound effect).

Betty Gilpin is probably best known (relatively speaking) for GLOW. She was great in that series.

Find GLOW and watch it.

I also watched the first episode of Mrs. Davis and it is totally bonkers. In a good way … I think? But I don’t see how they can possibly keep it up for a whole season.

Betty Gilpin does very well treading a fine line. She is the heir to Adam West in this, and I mean that as an unabashed compliment.

(Also - character actress Margo Martindale!)

This is a good comparison. Sounds like your impression was the same as mine. It might be good, but it could easily become pretty bad!

I was sure it was Ann Dowd!

I liked the way the convent was depicted; not solemn or strict, but mostly joyful, quirky, and (for this world) normal. It seems like they’ve already moved past their part of the story, but I hope they find an excuse to bring Martindale, et al, back at some point.

Ah, of course, there’s no Mrs. Davis thread because you guys are all in here. Why am I not surprised?

With Succession and Mrs. Maisel, I haven’t even gotten to the second episode to know if it’s worth a broader discussion. Definitely start a thread if there’s something worth talking about!

Hey, I just started a thread on a series for which I’ve only seen two episodes. I might end up being the only post in thread, but at least I know that post isn’t buried under an avalanche of unrelated conversation with a generic subject header as its tombstone!

Sorry, do I sound bitter? I just hate knowing y’all are dumping conversations into a garbage bin, using the forum like Twitter. Partly because I’d like to take part in those conversations, but I can’t if they’re hidden! I have a lot to say about Mrs. Davis, but I’d rather not drop it into an unlabeled hole to just disappear after a day. :(

Anyway, sorry to nag. I’ll leave you guys to it, but after watching Mrs. Davis, I would have bet dollars to donuts it would have gotten its own Qt3 thread by now.

It’s sloppy for sure, but my thought process is that there are people following this thread because they have access to Peacock and want to hear about new shows and some impressions. I notice a lot of people popping into threads about this or that weeks or months later and saying they didn’t know there was a thread. I’ve missed some myself. If there are not a lot of contributions to the thread (especially in the games topic), if just gets buried in two hours and you never know it existed. So which discussion is “hidden” exactly?

So I’m a proponent of both, sloppy and unsatisfying as it is! And if I didn’t make a Mrs. Davis thread it’s just because I have literally just watched the first episode and I’m not sure what to make of it yet. You had a lot to say about Great Expectations after two episodes, so great!

To be fair, Peacock wasn’t really notable until the past few months, but it has reached a tipping point where spinning off threads for shows makes sense.

I agree that the catch-all threads are a bummer and good shows deserve focused discussion. (Beef!)

But the fact is it’s easier to drop a quick post in one of these threads rather than committing to the minor task of writing a proper introductory post and coming up with a witty/brilliant thread title. I’m guilty of taking the lazy way out much too often.

Haha, I’m watching the 3rd episode right now. I got to say it’s a lot weirder than I would have ever expected something on Peacock to be, and in a good way.

The problem with starting a topic for a show is what if the show is good but not great? And that’s just about taste and judgement. It seems easier to comment in a topic about the streaming service rather than create a new topic. I don’t have Peacock+ so this topic is more like a repository of future recommendations, so as a catch-all of good stuff to watch on it I’d rather have it all here than scattered.

Still, many shows deserve their own topic. Like Ted Lasso. Etc.