Pearl Jam (Bauman, get in here)

Just got back from the Philly show. It was the last one on the tour and they went berserk. The band played for nearly three hours. There were a lot of covers, Neil Young’s Harvest Moon and Rockin’ In The Free World and more. They broke it into three sets, esentially. The Wachovia Center was packed.

Sleater-Kinney were the openers and sounded awesome (Bauman). Unfortunately I only could get there in time to hear their last two songs. The final one they did, the members of PJ joined them for… they played Mother by Danzig. :)

Best of all, S-K joined PJ on stage for both Neil Young songs and the closer, Yellow Ledbetter. Even wilder, the house lights came up when PJ were going into Rockin’ In The Free World so they just kept going and the last two songs were done in full bright with no stage lights at all. It was like a big party except inside a huge arena! Awesome!

Best of all, PJ is back in the studio and expects to have a new album out next year according to Eddie Vedder tonight. They even played a Mother Love Bone song. It was just amazing.


Sounds awesome and I wish I could have seen it, however, I hope their next album doesn’t suck as hard as ‘Lost Dogs’ did.

Best PJ song ever. Always made me think of a little bit of Waterfalls mixed in with Stairway. I can almost touch 1994-1996 while listening to that song…

I saw S-K on their pre-Peal Jam solo tour. Amazing live band–they sounded fantastic here at a tiny venue. I can’t believe you missed their set, sheesh.

I saw Pearl Jam years ago, opening for Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (who were the headliners).

Trust me, steve, I would’ve been there for S-K if at all possible. Our babysitter only got to my place at 6PM and it takes at least an hour (at high speed) or an hour and a half (at normal speeds) to get to the Wachovia Center from here. I flew and we made it in there as fast as we could. I really wanted to see them because of your complements of the band in the past.

If anyone’s interested, PJ sells all their shows as bootlegs right off the website. Go to and click the link right at the bottom of that first page. For $10 you can hear the exact entire thing we got last night. They had a little technical trouble at one point later in the show, which Eddie had some entertaining comments on. You can hear the whole show though. It’s awesome. I bought it just now and it’s downloading in the background. MP3 with great quality and you can take it anywhere you want with no DRM restrictions that I can see. How cool is that?!


Here’s a couple shots that I got in the bootleg to give you an idea of how awesome the content is. I’ve listened to the whole show again and it’s 192k MP3 files and sounds as good as any live CD I’ve ever purchased, but it’s the show I attended. Awesome!

I really hope the Basecamp Productions guys get a lot of other bands on board. I’d pay $10 every time I attend a concert to get a recording of the whole thing like this. Hopefully Audioslave will offer it on the arena tour. I’m going to the Tweeter in NJ for that one on Oct. 28th with Seether.

This first one’s for you, steve. Taken during Harvest Moon.

I was at just about this exact location in the crowd but off the right slightly.


Pearl Jam is fcking great live. While I think their last albums have been a bit repetitive I’ve still really enjoyed them. And for the record Courdoroy is their best song ever…(I Got Sht is a close second).

The best song is Rearview Mirror. Jesus, people, I can’t believe you didn’t know.