Pearl Jam Rock Band


It says all the tracks will be live recordings, so maybe it’s just a track pack thing like AC/DC.

feels… unnecessary

Woohoo! I loved the AC/DC track pack. The Live music really added a lot to the basic Rock Band experience. I only wished that you could play as AC/DC and find out more about the group. So hopefully the Pearl Jam game will address those two things.

Perhaps Harmonix is altering to a hybrid strategy of continuous DLC and more SKUs on the shelf to drive retail sales and keep the brand in front of people. As long as they make the songs exportable, I don’t care that much. I still prefer to be able to pick and choose individual songs, but it’s not a deal breaker like GH’s non-interoperable songpack strategy.

Yeah, it would be nice if the games came with pre-created characters for the band members, and even better if those characters were exportable.

I’m glad to see more live tracks. I wish RB used more live music in general as studio stuff always sounds kinda lifeless to me.

I was a proponent of live tracks in Rock Band up until the point where they actually did it. And I’m sure it’s way worse for vocalists. If you’ve been hearing the studio version of a song all your life, and then you have to sing the live version (especially of Eddie Vedder, for god’s sake), I’m sure it’s a difficult transition.


Not really an issue for me, since the only music I listen to is live recordings.

I actually get thrown off by studio recordings, as they can vary greatly from how a band tends to perform a song live.

I resisted the temptation to openly dismiss your opinion because of your jam band ways.

Day one purchase for me and I’ve never even played Rock Band.

Personally, I’m waiting for Strawberry Jam Rock Band.

Fair enough, but it’s not just jam bands (though the Dead tracks are so different from live versions they are functionally different songs entirely). I actually listen to a ton of Pearl Jam, but only live shows. When I downloaded Ten I was thrown off by how different some of the studio recordings were.
Ultimately I suppose a good mix of live music and studio stuff would be best for RB.

This is great news. The only thing that would be better is if they included Ten as bonus DLC or something and included a full disc of other songs.

Day one purchase for me.

I badly want to play Go on drums.

Especially if there are long sections where he lets the audience sing by themselves. I’ve been waiting fro Better Man for a while now, but I’m not stoked by any of the the 12 live versions to choose from in the poll linked at Shacknews.

I’m all for Harmonix releasing more discs with Rock Band slapped across the front, if for no other reason than to keep the brand visible on shelves among the deluge of Guitar Hero: More Crap That Doesn’t Work With Our Previous Games.

That said, I probably wouldn’t be picking this up. I’m for Seattle pride, and all, but getting Ten as DLC gave me pretty much all the Pearl Jam I’m going to need.

Edit: Aaaand that sounded really nasty. Thank you Eddie for your band being the most socially acceptable way to refer to semen in public.

Where’s Pink Floyd? More Rolling Stones? Clapton?

Interesting. I own every Pearl Jam studio album, so I’m obviously a fan. Still, I’m not sure how into a game featuring only live Pearl Jam tunes I’d be. I guess we’ll see.

I’m with you. I love the Ten DLC. It’s the best DLC they’ve made. But I’m done. Next band! There’s so much music out there.