Pebble and other smartwatches: Info at a glance!


I love my Pebble Steel, especially the look of it. Trading it in for one of these would be a downgrade in my opinion. A color screen isn’t worth wearing what looks like a children’s watch.


I ended up pledging for one, and damnit, now you’ve got me second-guessing that decision. You’re completely right, it does look like a children’s watch. The original plastic pebble doesn’t particularly. I think it’s the combination of thick plastic and rounded edges. The Steel had a relatively large bezel as well, but hides it because it’s mostly under glass, not a thick plastic edge.


Nope, the caps can grow. I think it was 20,000 earlier today, now it’s 30,000.

I actually panic-pledged for an Ouya because there were only a few hundred slots left, and then suddenly there were thousands more later that day.

(Glad I cancelled [I]that[/I] one!)


What an awful, awful looking watch. Absolutely dreadful. It’s like they’re parodying the stereotypical smart watch. Either that or they decided to design the My First Smartwatch. They were so close with the Steel. All they needed was to make the bezels a little smaller, get rid of the name on the front and use standard lugs and they would have had it.


The rounded bezel on the time is steel, at least on top. Obviously the lower half of the case is plastic.

Personally, I don’t care that much how it looks, but I just got a steel on sale last year and I want to get my money’s worth out of it first. Plus I’m broke.


I recently got an Asus Zenwatch:

And I’m quite happy with it. It’s actually more useful than I would have previously expected, and it generally looks like a normal watch, instead of a box on my wrist.
(That picture is not mine, it’s from some random place on the interwebz)


The kickstarter is almost at $9 million and currently the third most funded project.


Pebble is sending me another replacement watch. Customer service is good for me to stick with them.


They announced a steel version of the new pebble.


Now THAT I like.


Figures a new Pebble comes out after I order a charging stand.


I have one of those. Love it. I’ll pass it (and the Pebble 1) on to the kid.


Anyone who pledge for Pebble Time impressed with the just launched Apple Watch? I am not impressed with the 8 hour batter life, the non waterproof and the fact that the lowest end at $349, Sport, is using alluminium casing! I bet that would have dent/nick easily! I am glad I stick with Pebble in Kickstarter!


Same here. I’d rather have the longer battery life and better case (steel version) for my dollar. Also, I don’t see a need with a lot of Apple’s use cases like drawing pictures to people or browsing photos. I care about ‘at a glance’ functionality. I don’t need a second display for my phone.


In my experience, the biggest issue with the current smart watches is their battery life, and the new pebble addresses that, which makes it appealing.

The one thing I like about the Apple watch is the ability to fully make calls with it due to the integrated speaker and mic. I’m hoping that the pebble has this feature as well.

In terms of heart monitor sensors and junk like that, I could really care less.


So how is pebble integration with iOS? Is the extent just viewing notifications? Can you reply? I’m guessing no siri. I know a few of my fitness apps has built in support for pebble.


back when my phone was jailbroken, there was a jailbroken app that let me reply. i used it hardly ever so i don’t miss it.


The new pebble will allow replies via voice (microphone) or quick replies via buttons. There is no speaker, however, so you won’t be having phone calls with it.


Yeah, the speaker on the Apple watch is it’s best feature compared to other watches now. But the pebbles battery life is pretty awesome and ultimately is probably better.

Honestly, i expect that by next year, we are going to see dramatic improvements in smart watches.


I hate to sound like an Apple fan but you’re an Apple cynic, maybe we should both consider our views more objectively. You should consider that the dramatic improvement you think is coming in the next year, maybe actually is coming in the next year; as in right now in the Apple watch. I have a friend with the Pebble and another with the Galaxy Gear. They are both good smart watches. But there have been more than one conversation like this: “Hey let me show you this. Oh it’s not working, hold on a sec. Uh, maybe I have to do this? No, wait. Yes here it is. Actually no. Well anyway I can set it to do this and it’s really cool”.

There won’t be a huge leap in battery tech this year. Battery improvements are a slow march. In terms of obsolescence, next year there will certainly be some marginal spec bumps and a cool new feature, it’s what they do. But the iwatch is arguably entering the market as a mature technology. Smart watches have been around for quite some time, Apple is just the first to make a billion dollar engineering design / software / support bet on them.