Pebble and other smartwatches: Info at a glance!


I’m so full of shit. I got myself an Apple Watch while in HK.


Its not easy to resist Apple.


And it happened. The other day at a post kids soccer game lunch one of the other dads points at my pebble and asks if that’s the new apple watch.


That’s been happening since the announcement though.


My kid has a couple of fake Apple watchfaces on his Pebble. The one with the Apple UI doesn’t really look convincing since it’s monochrome. But the one with the big Apple logo above the time fools his friends. :)


My Zenwatch just got a system update this weekend (or I guess Android Wear did, or something), and it’s noticeably more badass now.

Some of the basic stuff has changed, like being able to twist your wrist to flip through notifications and junk, but the main thing that is awesome is that it has improved the app integration between the watch and phone to put more useful controls into the watch.

For instance, I have an app on my phone called “Map My Ride” which I use to track bike rides, and it’s pretty cool. After the new update, it’s now easy to start a ride, pause it, finish it, or check the stats on the fly all from my watch, so I don’t even need to pull the phone out any more. This is nice, because it means it’s easier to just leave my phone in my backpack.


You should have said yeah I’ll sell it to you for only $350.


Rumors coming out Pebble may be in trouble.


Rumors meaning that article? Because there’s really nothing substantial to it. Since when is a company taking a LOC a bad thing? They just had 20 mil in sales of their new watch and they want more capital to go even further. Sounds like a strong company to me.


That article is bad web journalism at its webbiest. Interpretation of a normal business process for a growing startup as a sign of impending failure, probably because the author came up with a snappy idea for a headline. And trying to imply employee dissatisfaction based on a single post on Glassdoor, from a guy who had a one-hour interview at the company.


Have anyone received their Pebble Time yet? Mine should arrive Monday! Oh, if only the post office ships on Saturdays!


Got it. Love it. Though I wish I could do something about the teeny font.


Does it look like a toy watch on your wrist? I wonder how it looks in an office environment?


It looks better than the bulky plastic original, but it’s not going to win any design awards. I would have definitely gone for the Time Steel if the inner bezel hadn’t been so huge.

It’s all subjective, so it’s hard to gauge for others, but I think it’s more about the watch face you choose rather than the hardware. The default minimal analog one (Tic Toc) looks nicely understated. Of course, I don’t have to sweat it in my office, so I choose whatever goofy thing I want. I’m currently running Enigma and haven’t felt self-conscious in meetings.


I got a bezel “case” for my Apple Watch:


On purpose?


Yeah I like how it makes it look more like a Pebble…


Hah! That’s what I was going to say when i saw it. :)

I ordered the Pebble Time Steel, so hoping to get mine in about a month…


Oh Lord, we have to buy cases for our watches now? Makes sense as I don’t think I ever saw a phone case until today iPhone came along.


I don’t like the exposed look of the Apple Watch screen and it bumps (desks, doors, urinals) a fair bit. The clip on front bezel “case” is great for me.