Pebble and other smartwatches: Info at a glance!


The “Thin Fit” is what I have. The others sort of look ridiculous.


No offense man, but that case on your watch looks kind of ridiculous too.

Why would you get that? It’s not really necessary at all.


Don’t like to expose the sides/edges of the glass. Bumps into a lot of things. Friend has already dinged up hers. I won’t bother will a silly screen protector on it though.

I’ve preordered the Pebble Time as well so I’ll see how it compares.


Do you normally not wear a watch?
I ask because, yeah, watches bump into things. They get a bit dinged eventually I guess. But it’s just kind of part of using them.

Smart watches are generally tougher than phones, I think. Like the apple watch has a saphire screen that really should be virtually indestructible under normal conditions.

I guess it just seems weird to me to try and avoid scratches and stuff that might make the watch look worse… by putting on a case which makes the watch always look worse. But it’s just a matter of opinion and personal preference I guess.


I’ve worn Casio G-Shock watches for years. I love that bezel. The “case” accomplishes that for me with the Apple Watch.


I received mine two days ago and I’m happy to report that it actually look damn good. Not toy-like as I feared and it actually fits well in an office environment. I didn’t feel conscious.

And Justin, if you like Enigma, try out Slides of Time - it’s Enigma plus you could configure to add battery level and temperature at the bottom row instead of the useless Year.

Having said that though, did anyone find the contrast a bit too dim and the font on the notification too small to read under normal office lighting? The watch is brilliant outdoor. Indoor, though, I wish the contrast is better.


habibi, how is it working out for you?


Ah, sorry, I missed this post. It’s working out great for me. Lots of complaints in the pebble forum about the bezel being scratched easily but I don’t find that is true for my case. I’ve bumped the watch a few times and fortunately its still scratch free.

I had some complains about the font size in the notification page being too small for old eyes and that the backlight timeout is too short but these two were solved in a firmware upgrade a couple of days ago.

My favorite watch face is DIN which is very legible. And the developer recently updated it as well and each element is highly configurable (in terms of colour).

All in all, I’m enjoying it a lot!


the pebble still fails a software update if the phone goes to sleep. slight pain in the ass.


Are you enjoying yours, rei? Sounds like you own one too.


I have the Pebble Time Steel coming from Kickstarter, but picked up a Pebble Time from Best Buy because my son wants one for his birthday, so figured i’d wear this in the meantime and then pass it on. :)

Really, really like it. More than the Apple Watch – the need to only recharge once or twice a week, and the ability to leave it on for sleep tracking or when swimming, more than obviate any more advanced features on the Apple Watch. Really, fitness is about the only app I find useful having on the watch. Most of the other apps, I’m fine with pulling my phone out. I prefer the wide variety of watchfaces, while still having critical apps, you get on Pebble.

And love that the screen is always-on, even if it’s not vibrant like the Apple Watch.


I am not sure how practical it is to sleep with a watch, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable or something? And which fitness app did you use? I am partial to Jawbone’s Up as being one of the more accurate steps tracking but they have not been updating this app for ages. Misfits app seemed to be pretty popular but not as accurate. At least the dev are constantly improving it.


Looks like Android Wear’s next upgrade is going to enable making/receving calls (basically, having a speaker on the watch itself), which will be a very nice addition, as that’s one of the biggest limitations of android smart watches compared to the apple watch.


Bezel scratches/scuffs easily. Holy shit.


Yeah, in a big way. :( Hope the Steel is better about this.

Gonna look at a wrap or something.


I ordered Gadgetwraps clear bezel skin and a Bepple.


I actually returned my first one and got a replacement. Leaving the shipping plastic on it until my Gadgetwraps skin comes.

Preemptively ordered the Gadgetwraps clear skin for my Pebble Time Steel as well, though I hope the Steel’s less sensitive to scratching.


Mine is ok actually. Based on Pebble Forums it’s likely certain batches, but yes, lots of complains in this regards.


Paging DennyA…

The Pebble Time Round

Circular screen, thinner, Pebble. Although maybe Denny (and other Pebble fans) won’t like it, since the battery time is down to about two days, I dunno. But interesting anyway. I’ve never seen any Pebbles in person, but from pictures online, this is the nicest looking one yet.


I think it looks great, style-wise. Cool that there are alternatives.

I’m loving my Pebble Time Steel, and I think the square form factor’s probably better for a smartwatch, but yay for offering both.