My wife wants me to give her a pedicure, and I know slightly more than it’s basically a footrub on crack.

Can anyone give suggestions? I don’t think she cares much about the nail polish part, but that’s about all I know. She’s out of town, and I figured I could get everything together for when she gets back.

Take a peek HERE.

Don’t be tellin’ me about no foot massage. I’m the foot fuckin’ master.

Are you sure she didn’t mean “give me a gift certificate to a nail salon” ?

Why not skip the pedicure and progress directly to the happy ending?

A pedicure involves the application of sharp objects to the feet, and that’s more than a little bit dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Roger is probably right…


Says the guy who flushed a moisture and food mold clog out of a freezer pipe.

That’s why she didn’t want a salon certificate.

It’s not like she wants a professional, full service deal (more like a “luxury” foot rub). I don’t need to dig out and shape the nails or anything. I didn’t know that the process commonly involved a soak, so that’s something. I figure I can throw in the pumice stone/exfoliation too.

She probably just wants a foot massage, and for you to paint her nails. If she shapes them first you’re golden. You’ll of course screw up the painting but that’s half the fun.