Peloton exercise bikes

A fan is really important, you aren’t moving enough for your body to cool itself properly. I read a big article that went into great detail analyzing how many cubic feet of air per minute passes over different size riders at various speeds. The result can be summed up as, “Average riders just need a box fan, pointed so it also hits your back.” So I have a tilting box fan at about the 2 o’clock position and have never had any problems with overheating. When you are training to turn pro, go to two box fans.

Here’s my set-up:

I am totally ordering a fan and Alexa plug. Great idea guys. Really looking forward to getting my bike and having my ass kicked in the first 3 minutes.

Cooling yourself will not only make you more comfortable, but it will also let you workout better because your body naturally avoids overheating so it will limit your effort if it feels like you are overheating.

I use two dc blower fans that I connect through a variable dial (often marketed as for router speed control) mounted where I can reach it from the bike so I can dial it in based on how I am feeling. Most of the time it’s just max but if I am doing a lighter ride it’s nice to have some control.

Wahoo makes accessories for their controllable trainer that will tilt your bike according to the slope it is simulating and blow a fan at you according to your simulated speed.

Peloton has arrived. Delivery/setup guys were on time and very professional. Trying my first workout after work today!

It’s been 17 minutes. Should we check on @vesper?

Haha it’s ok - haven’t started using it yet. Work.

Ahh, okay. I thought maybe we needed to send you some padded seating material for after-peloton workout. :)

Looking forward to hear your story as well. These things are kind of uplifting of late.

First beginner ride done. Was very easy but really like that it took the time to explain things.

My wife is singing (and riding) along with this Hamilton ride in the next room.

We’re starting week three of Peloton ownership. I’ve been taking a deliberate approach, going through the recommended classes in one of the “Cycling Basics” programs (or something like that). It’s a six week schedule of classes introducing you to the basics and slowly ramping up the difficulty.

My wife, on the other hand, picks classes almost exclusively based on music playlists. She’s done much more intense classes than me.

Hannah Corbin is great. I deliberately seek out her rides regularly. Definitely a top tier instructor.

Same here! I started doing the Mastering the Basics program and I’ve done one class per day everyday. You’re supposed to take a few days off every week but, me, I’m a fitness animal and I yearn for the burn. I never stop never stopping.

My wife also did the Hamilton ride, plus the Wicked ride, but I don’t think I’ll bother. I like the longer programs and plan to stick with those.

On Sunday, I was surprised to see that I no longer had check marks for every class in weeks 1 through 3… they had swapped in a new Leanne Hainsby ride at the start of week 2 so I went back and did that one. Did you notice that, Wholly?

I’m still loving the dumb bike. I am definitely not a Cody Rigsby fan (it turns out vigorous, pumping exercise makes me temporarily homophobic) but every other instructor I’ve tried has been great.

Yup, that’s the program. For the first two weeks there were four classes, so I would throw in one more 20 minute beginner or low-impact class of my choosing, and then take two rest days. Pro-tip for the achievement chasing, any workout will keep your daily streak alive, so I did 10 minute stretch routines on the off days. I think I’ll start filling in with more classes to get down to only one day off each week.

Your last two paragraphs are almost word-for-word conversations I’ve had with my wife in the last couple days. I did notice they replaced one of the earlier rides I’d completed with one I hadn’t; I assume this is just to keep the program fresh since the new one was from a day or two ago. And yes, Cody sure is…flamboyant.


But I will give the dude credit for a fun catchphrase.

Where did you guys find the basics program? All I am seeing is “Welcome to Peloton Cycling”

There’s a button on the bottom of the screen for Programs and it was the first or second one listed.

Found it. For some reason “Programs” doesn’t show up in the phone app, only collections.

Ah! I got the app for my Samsung phone but haven’t used it much. My wife said it integrates with her iPhone exercise data which is cool but I guess not available for Android users.

I’m wondering if I can keep a streak going while I’m away on vacation if I do a class on the phone or iPad app. Anyone know how that works? Not that I care about silly gamification gimmicks but if it helps motivate me to stay more fit, maybe I could convince myself to care.

I just discovered that last night too.

The answer is yes as far as I can tell. I logged into the Peloton Roku app and did a stretch workout in the living room and it kept my streak going, can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work that way on the phone too.

Although speaking of the Roku app, it doesn’t look like you can swap between multiple accounts, only log out completely and log in again if you want to swap that. Kind of a nuisance, I’ll probably just let my wife stay logged in on the TV app and I can airplay it to the television from my phone on the occasions I want to use the living room.