PENIS POWER, and goodbye

Well, me lads, my post count will reach a nice round number when I hit this button, and that means I’m going to quit reading qt3 (at least next time until I need computer help, hee hee). 2,000 posts and nearly four years are enough time to have been John Many Jars.

I’ve been waiting for a link good enough to be remembered by, and this morning it has come to me. The next time you consider PENIS POWER, or buy a woman a 2.99 plate of shrimp, think of ol’ JMJ.

Wait, we have term limits here? Nobody told the Jasons, I take it.

I always thought you had merely an average amount of jars.

WHAT? Big fat ;_;

(You’d better still come to IRC, jerk)

I can’t imagine why anyone would swear off Qt3. It’s not as if it’s a dangerous addiction, like heroin. Or WoW. Reducing the amount of time spent checking it throughout the day, sure. Giving it up for good? Why?!

You’ll be missed, JMJ.


Dude. I watched that video from start to finish. It was strangely compelling. She’s like a preacher…from the church of the wang.

Hmmm I wonder if I’m going to see this character appear on EBay. Does anybody know if that’s against the QT3 EULA?

This is only cool is JMJ really never shows up again.

He’ll be back as Two-Sheds Jackson.

Carl Many Cans.

Ah, i’ll miss’em. I think i played Laser Squad with him back in the day.

Well now where am I going to go for my daily WTF fix?

BTW, some blogger actually transcribed that whole Penis Power diatribe.

Man, what a whack-job.

You’re leaving? Just because you reached 2,000? Get your ass back here.

Yeah, two things kept running through my mind watching that video:

  1. That woman is insane. Just fucking nuts.
  2. She sounds like she’s mind-blowingly freaky in bed. And she’s a cheap date, if she’ll give it up even though you won’t buy her a $2.99 plate of shrimp.

Wahhh! I am so sad. I forgive you for not adding this post to the penis thread. Farewell!

That show needs to be syndicated.

All someone needs to do is adjust JMJ’s post count to 2,001 and we’ve got him for another 999 posts. Where is Tom when we need him?

John, I for one LOL’d many times at your various contributions to QT3. You will be missed. Come back soon (perhaps as Pablo Plenty Pots?).

Frank Many Flasks