Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

Anyone else watching the new “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels”? I’m enjoying it, although I don’t know the overall mythology near as well as the ones from the original Penny Dreadful.

Want to, just no time. I heard Brent Spiner is in it!

He is, but while overall I think the story is interesting and complex, they didn’t give Brent Spiner much to work with — or at least not so far as of Episode 2. His character seems pretty one dimensional.

I didn’t know it had started. Thanks for the tip.

Well, i felt that was decidedly…mediocre.

It wasn’t bad, just…ya, i thought it didn’t do very much with any of the materials it had. I thought the setting was fantastic - and there was a number of things they set down that they could draw from (in no particular order): latino culture in the southwest, the german-american bund, jewish gangsters, LA politics post-mulholland, the burgeoning zoot suit era, and then the whole Día de Muertos mythology), but they never really did. It’s like they had this party, and invited all these cool guests and then just expected something to just happen when they were all there…except it didn’t.

In particular, if they’re going to push the supernatural button, then i think they really need to incorporate it…