Pens: Quality writing

The Pentel RSVP is also a nice disposable.

But for real writing, I have a Mont Blanc Rollerball and a Mont Blanc fountain pen.

For writing, I prefer the fine point Pilot gel pens (specifically, the G2 07). For sketching/drawing/inking, I use a brand of crow quill nibs and holders from a Japanese company called Deleter. I have to mail order them, but the quality is dramatically better than that of any of the crow quills I’ve ever used before, so it’s worth it. It’s also worth it because they are, oddly enough, cheaper than the (usually Sheaffer) crow quill nibs they sell in art supply stores here in the US. Their nib holders are way better, too.

For ink, I use either Winsor & Newton or a brand of acrylic “ink” by FW. The latter is pretty neat stuff–handles like india ink, but has a sort of raised, glossy look when it dries (sort of like the thermographic print that you sometimes see on business cards).

I used to use a Rapidograph as well, from time to time, but I gave it up once I started doing ink drawings on Herculene (a type of drafting film, looks a bit like vellum). That stuff devours Rapidograph nibs like nobody’s business.

[/quote]My “special event” pen (signing contracts, client agreements, or otherwise showing off) is a Montblanc Meisterstück. They only list the fountain pens on their website, but I have a medium point ballpoint, and it is truly a writing instrument, much more than a simple pen.[/quote]

Is there a poor boy’s equivalent of the Mont Blanc? Fifty bucks is ok but four hundred is not. As much as I love a good pen, I can’t justify three or four hundred dollars. Maybe, just maybe I’d drop a hundred.

Is there a poor boy’s equivalent of the Mont Blanc? Fifty bucks is ok but four hundred is not. As much as I love a good pen, I can’t justify three or four hundred dollars. Maybe, just maybe I’d drop a hundred.

That looks like something I’ll try. Thanks for the suggestion.

With Mont Blanc, you’re mostly paying for the name and the gold.

My mother bought me a Montblanc for college graduation years! ago. It sits in its little box unused, only came out a few times…I’d sell it but my name’s engraved on it…kind of a waste of money, IMHO…kind of like expensive watches.

My mom bought me a cross pen set a few years ago and I seriously use them daily because they are just that nice.

You should buy a nice leather journal for that pen and put it to use. If not, I’ll give you $20 for it. ;)

Try looking at the Waterman and Parker collections, to start with.

Speaking of pens and journals, I picked up a nice leather journal today for just $19.95. Soft, bonded leather, 192 pages, gilded edges, ribbon marker, and good line spacing on the pages. This one measures 8" x 5.5"

Here’s a link: Gallery Leather

Ok, back to pens…

I certainly don’t use a rubbishy black biro. In fact I just got one of these… ;)

Parker 51.

It’s really just that simple.

Parker Jotter with the Gel ink is good for situations where a fountain is inappropriate.

I’ve got a Waterman fountain pen I really enjoy.

I had a Namiki vanishing point fountain pen that I loved, but the damn refiller was wonky and eventually broke (yes, I know that Namiki is basically Pilot or something).

I’ve been looking for that perfect fountain pen that does not cost hundreds of dollars (I’m not that cheap, but like a previous poster, I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars for a pen), is easy to refill, and writes well.

Great thread, Mudfrost.

I like the Uniball Vision Exact (fine tip). I’m a big fan of gel inks; partly because they are safe to use on checks, partly because the ink flows very evenly. I’m not really a ball point or fountain pen chap.

In my experience, the point rattles around in the head, making an annoying noise while writing. If I want to hear clicking while I write, I’ll use the typewriter!

Like I said, they’re far from perfect, but then again, I can’t flip that clicky-clacky doorstop around my thumb.

My absolute favorite pen is my Montblanc Greta Garbo. I adore that pen.

For pens that hang out in the junk drawer for scribbled notes and whatnot, just about any fine point pen is fine.

I’ll second shift6 on the kudos for an interesting thread. I personally like a fine point pen.

When I was younger I had a set of Rapidograph pens. They went from 3.0 to .03. They were a bear to keep unclogged. But I really got to like the finer points.