Pentagon Plans Afghan Spring Offensive

The Pentagon (news - web sites) is planning a new offensive in the 2-year-old Afghanistan (news - web sites) campaign to stop remnants of the Taliban regime and the al-Qaida terror network, officials said Wednesday, even as a second suicide assault on foreign troops in Kabul in as many days killed one British soldier and injured four.

Defense Department officials believe current operations in Afghanistan are not having the effect they want on the terrorist network and they are determined to do more, the official said.

Now wait a damn minnit! I thought we had this thing won a couple of years ago! Gosh, I hope Nix… Bush doesn’t plan any secret Laos bombing raids…

Well, the critics did say that an Iraq war would pull our focus away from Afgahnistan too soon.

We pulled huge amounts of intelligence capabilities to support the Iraq operations, including most surveillance drones.

Even worse, the Army divides its special forces groups to focus different portions of the world. So the special forces group that specializes in the Middle East, and has all the language and culture training, got pulled out of Afghanistan and sent to Iraq. Meanwhile, the special forces group that specializes in the Pacific theater (guys are taught japanese and chinese and so on) got sent to Afganistan. Obviously, they’re not going to be as effective as the guys they’re replacing.

If it means helping the Hmong, then I’m for it. It’s the cause of the month for us bleeding heart lefties.