People Who Can't Figure Out That The GIF Thread Is For GIFs Hall of Shame

What is that from? I guess this post will be deleted?

Oh. Heh. I thought maybe she was trying to look like a zombie or something because they were playing Thriller. That’s just her normal look. Got it.

That looks like Michael Chiklis. And I want to smoke a cigarette (3.5 month non-smoker who is drinking alcohol presently)

I’ll share. Sapphire gin and Malibu rum mixed with toasted coconut seltzer, crystal light raspberry lemonade, and ice. Low carb and high octane.

And before anyone gets on about girly drinks, which FU, but I’d understand, I usually drink crowne or bulleit on ice, to my better half’s chagrin

All that so say I dont drink beer anymore bc carbs

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Never liked Giphy. Now I never liked it even more.

Whichever mad genius burns Facebook to the ground, permanently, and salts the remaining earth after running high-power elctromagnets over the charred rubble, will be doing mankind a huge favor.

Either that, or the very similar state of settling with power, where your vertical velocity is too large for the power reserve available to overcome. In plain people language, you come in too steep, sinking too fast.

It might have well been a compound of both issues, or the ground effect doing strange and unexpected things due to those walls leading to the above described phenomenon.

Either way, the pilot was most likely not flying very conservatively, putting him right up on the edge of the envelope. And that bit him in the ass. C’est la vie. It was not a situation to make a slow, precise and easy landing like you’re shoehorning in the singer to a stadium show.

Ya think?


(EDIT: Alright, so that embed is not working as I was hoping, but it leads to a GIF.)