People who need to be hit in the skull with a baseball bat

A friend of mine got laid off from his job at as a claims adjustor. His wife went to pick up their cleaning a day later. Just in front of her was a woman who had gotten out of her Lexus. The woman was rambling to the employee,

“This whole Recession thing isn’t real, it is just being played up by the media”

The wife said she just had to laugh and let it go. That woman, for her insane levels of ignorance, needs to have her head caved in with a baseball bat. I know that punishment seems harsh, but insulated people and ignorant people at all points along the spectrum need to be deleted.

Hmm. I’m gonna have to warn you to stay out of P&R, lest you be unable to contain your murderous rage.

Heh. Just coming back from Vegas, I’d have to say that people sure aren’t acting like it’s a recession.

Just coming back from a nude beach, I’d have to say that everyone is a nudist.


You may have hit upon something though (if you’ll excuse the pun). The vast number of baseball bats that would need to be manufactured and purchased in order to batter all the people who have misinformed opinions about things might be just the ticket to revitalising the global economy.

I prefer “deserve a punch in the face”, myself. If you’re hit in the skull with a bat, you’re probably going to die, and then what have you learned? Nothing, that’s what.

It’s the Broken Skull Fallacy, everyone! :)


Seriously, my staff has to deal with so many errors every day just because these people are utterly incompetent at writing shit down on a piece of paper. This sounds like something not worth getting worked up about until you realise just how easily a medical error from bad handwriting could result in delayed, incorrect or zero treatment. We do data entry and electronic transmission of films, mmgs, CTs, PTs, etc from clinic/hospital to radiologist, and errors by the tech can completely fuck things up in an unbelievably efficient manner.

Conversely, techs with beautiful handwriting deserve cake and a personal servant.

Everything you’ll ever need to know.

This guy.

Fucking asshole.

You presume that it’s intended to be a learning experience.

Take for example, Dane Cook.

Ah, yes. Point taken.

Just coming back from the range, everyone’s a gun nut!

Point taken. Anecdotally, however, I would have thought the casinos would at least be a little less busy. They were packed! Maybe people figure they are going to win easy money.

Point taken. Anecdotally, however, I would have thought the casinos would at least be a little less busy. They were packed! Maybe people figure they are going to win easy money.

It doesn’t cost a ton of money to play in the casinos. A better illustration I think would be to go to some of the shows and see if those are still packed.

I believe Germans call it Backpfeifengesicht

At least last year, gambling revenues fell month after month. Apparently strippers are losing money too (according to Bloomberg:

My 7 years working in a hospital’s radiology file room bears this out. In fact, in Alabama (well, as of 10 years ago), you did not even have to pass the certification to work as a tech. I am not saying they are all morons, but the importance of some of the stuff they do seems lost on some of them in some cases.

Any yes, the use of a bat takes them out of our loop permanently. I no longer have time for lessons or being nice to those more ignorant than me. That may come off as condescending or holier-than-thou, but these people have done nothing but takke up the air around me for far too long.

“From now on, just tell me the bullshit I want to hear…”


I prefer throat-punches: doesn’t kill them (usually), but does shut them up for a while. With enough effort, you might be able to condition the less stupid ones to say fewer stupid things.

Presuming, of course, that’s the desired effect…

It all depends on intent and approach. A mild throat punch is a short sharp shock, which is best for consistent negative reinforcement for training purposes. A face punch would be more for public shaming purposes, but that can backfire and just reinforce the behavior instead, from sympathetic attention to black eyes and credulity of the you-shoulda-seen-the-other-guy school. The baseball bat approach doesn’t have rehabilitative use, but is more for retribution, punishment, and catharsis on the wielder’s part.