People who need to be hit in the skull with a baseball bat

I’m pretty sure that would set you up to get whacked by the next guy you tick off who has 10 more IQ points than you. Or 15, if you’d prefer to just use one standard deviation to be the equivalent of a hunting license.

Just being unemployed since November, I’d have to say that it sure as fuck seems real to me.

I was in Vegas two weeks ago, I did notice a lot more 5$ tables at the upscale properties, so I’d say they’re feeling it, they’ve just adjusted.


No love for the side suto?

Look, I am not saying this is, in all instances, a rational choice of people to take out or that there is a line of demarkation, but this bitch met my crieria for bat-bashing and I have determined that a public, immediate punishment was warranted. Kinda like a citizen’s arrest, citizen’s trial, and citizen’s sentencing all at once.

We were there about a month ago and I noticed this too.

There also seemed to be a lot more 1 and 5-cent slot machines than we saw on previous trips.

We could round up everyone with a 155 IQ or better and administer a vaccine for a deadly virus which will then subsequently released into the world killing off the rest of the population. Over population and stupid people, problem solved. It’d be best if we could just create incentives for sterilization of stupid people, perhaps free health care and food stamps? Or offer public clinics where they can choose to be put down.

I am not sure I am comfortable with that IQ threshold. :)

Ah Bob, is there anything you can’t answer?


My only beef with that comic is ATLAS SHRUGGED SPOILARZ!!!

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All the super people are doing the regular jobs in their utopia so this comic situation would never ever happen.blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

Personally, I wouldn’t be comfortable with anything lower than 140, otherwise genetic variation could potentially lead to more stupid people being born (or at least stupid people would show up sooner). I think they could knock it down 135, provided when children can be accurately tested, the stupid threat is then neutralized.

I agree. How could the comic draw such an innaccurate conclusion from the assumptions of Atlas Shrugged?

They’re packed, but are they making as much money? My understanding from a buddy of mine in the slot machine business is that profits are down. He sells slot machine add-ons though, and his business is apparently still solid.

i don’t get what you’re saying about the super people regular jobs (you mean like tilling the soil?). isn’t that exactly what happens in the comic?

It takes a truly unbelievable level of political partisanship and free-market-jesus to believe the recession was made up by the opposition party.

C’mon man, you’ve gotta tell us how old you are. Eugenics is the idea we all get when we’re 20-25, let’s see if you’re early or late.

Three smartest people I know: One is a complete basket case who painted D&D miniatures well into his late 20s. The other two are middle-class or aspiring middle-class. The most successful people I know, wealth-wise, were driven there by their parents, not their mental endowments.

Or, put another way, it’s not the size of the mind, it’s the motion of the notion.


Just coming back from a Mensa meeting, everyone with an IQ over 140 is an Aspergers-sufferer*

*and 99,9% are very ugly.

Re: OP.

It would have been far more ironic to steal her tires while she was yapping.

ElGuapo I explained that to you when you were here!

Hey now. Some of us like painting miniatures into our late 20s and possibly beyond.