People who need to be hit in the skull with a baseball bat

In the comic, they have a panel of the ubers saying they don’t know how to do anything aside from what they were uber about which contradicts what happens in the book. In fact the ubers enjoyed the simpler tasks.

Just like in reality!

It has nothing to do with wealth. It’s about eliminating stupid people.

i still don’t understand. you’re saying the comic panel situation “would never ever happen” because the ubers would think tilling the soil is awesome?

or are you saying never ever happen because the book says otherwise?

or never ever happen because if it did happen in real life, it would go the way of the book and not the comic?

K, 140IQ is roughly what? 96% and above? More? I fall into the realm barely, but I have no idea what the actual distribution is.

That said, I’m not terribly impressed by my intellectual peers. Or myself. I have a good idea of what it takes to both be a useful member of society and a good person, and neither seem correlated to intelligence as measured by IQ. I would much rather lean against religion than towards intelligence.


Impressed enough to drop your IQ in the thread, though. ;)

My boss. Six months ago, our store was in a terrible spot financially. We couldn’t get any product from our main vendor because our credit with them was so overdue and stretched. It was so bad, in fact, that our vendor put us on 2 for 1 terms. We had to pay double for everything we ordered PLUS about $500-1000 extra every week.

We ended up having to let a couple people go, and just as we finally started to recover from everything and our main vendor took us off those terms, he hires someone new. Not coincidentally, the second he pays said new employee, we stop having money to pay our vendor, and now we’re back on terrible terms and unable to get any product.

It’s like he has no idea that a recession is going on, and can’t fathom that people are spending less money than they usually would this time of year. Meanwhile, our business is doing worse than it has in half a decade, and he continues to leech money into his pet projects like he’s printing the stuff.

This is the point where I point out, that I am in fact not a member of Mensa*

  • they rejected me, because I had some semblance of social skill

Have you actually seen what happens in societies where religion is outlawed?

I bet it’s totally worse than in theocracies.

Yes, because there’s been so many of them and it’s so easy to show causation because none of them had any other “bad” things happening at the same time…

Yes, why, if only someone would have done Communism right, instead of the 40 or so failures! It’s just WAITING for someone to pick up that baton!

Speaking of which, Leon Trotsky totally needs to be hit in the skull with a baseball bat. Or failing that, an ice pick.

Only 40?
Do you have a list?

My point was just that blaming the bad things that happened in communist countries on banning religion (Sorta, I attended church when I was in Soviet Russia) seems kinda limited.

I didn’t know communism’s only tenet was absence of religion. Atheism, communism by another name.

I’m pulling your leg dude. Heh. I’m curious though, do you give all your peers an IQ test?

Houngan’s like a ride at the carnival. “Your IQ must be this high to be my peer!” Testing stations provided on site.

Seems kinda integral. Religion was in Marx’s crosshairs because it made people accept their lot in life and dimmed the revolutionary spirit. Replacing the church with the state in the minds of the masses was an essential element, not a side project.

Damn you P&R people coming over to the fun side of the tracks!!!

But while we have broached the subject of IQ, does it really not change? Are those tests when kids are assessed in school for gifted programs, or what have you, valid for the rest of your life?

I guess I will go google it, but IQ has always seemd like some very nebulous measurement that people use to delineate groups of people. I do not see how any test given can be so accurate as to say, for example, “Well, you are 10 years old, have an IQ of 130, and that’s that. Good luck in life.”

I recall reading a bit about how the most intelligent adults are generally slower to develop than the average.

But does their IQ actually change or does the person simply begin to more efficiently use the intelligence with which they were born? As I understood it, IQ was kind of a fixed measurement of your brain’s capabilities. I could be completely wrong.