People you don't know parking in front of your house

I’ve been having this problem lately… people I don’t know keep parking in front of my house. It’s different people every time, so the cars keep changing up. I suspect they are visiting our across-the-street neighbor, who is a piano teacher, but I am not sure since I’m never around when they arrive/depart.

Now generally I wouldn’t mind someone parking in front of the house, but my family has 3 cars (all 3 of which are used every day), and the garage only has 2 spots. My personal car gets the short end of the stick, which means if I come back from work and the garage isn’t full yet, I have to park on the side of the street.

The side of the street is spacious if parked right… it has room for two medium sized cars, or just one if the person parks in the middle (I generally do that, since its… well… my house). The problem arises when I get home and the side of the street has a car on it, so I have to park on the driveway and move my car if anyone else comes home after me. Which basically boils down to me going outside in my pajamas at like 9-11pm and having to move my car (read: that sucks).

So my question is, are there any kind of laws that I could use to either prevent people from parking in front of my house, or maybe even get them towed if they are parking there for too long? My village requires parking permits on every car, so maybe that will help?

Sidenote: The reason I even got concerned enough to make this post, is today I was driving home follow a car right as it turns into my street, follow it some more, and suddenly as I’m about to park on my street in front of my house… the car parks there instead. I was so mad I almost rammed the damn thing.

So any helpful advice would be great!

You wear pajamas? Is there a pattern on them? Do they have built-in footies? But more importantly, you’re wearing your pajamas by 9pm?


Could you just talk to the piano teacher and ask them to talk to their students?

What’s the point if they don’t?

Dude, I wear pajama bottoms.

They have horsies on 'em.

Key all the cars that park there.

OR a more practical approach:

Create a fake but professional looking legal threat notice using mad photoshop skills and place it on their wind shield. This happened to one of my co-workers when he parked infront of someone elses house one time.

I dunno. If you park on the street here after 9pm for more than three hours you get a ticket. In some neighbourhoods, you will even get a ticket for parking on your part of the driveway that’s on the other side of the sidewalk, even if you’re not covering the sidewalk.

Why do you need laws?

Why not just ring a doorbell, have a civilized conversation, and be done?

Truly outrageous, having to park in your own driveway, and move the car at 11PM. As a New Yorker w/ a car, where I get a %^@#$* $200 ticket for standing the car outside my building while the wife runs in for the baby bottle, and typically search for a spot for 30+ mins, you have my deepest sympathies.

Why do you get the short end of the stick? Why not move to a first come first serve situation?

Truly outrageous, getting a ticket while your wife gets the bottle for the baby when babies are dying somewhere in the world, probably!

So, are you in the 'burbs, the city, or what?

Townhouse/Rowhouse? Detached?

You say “your village requires parking permits on every car”, so it sounds like there are some above normal rules in your area. You could check into that route for something. In my last house, we had super strict HOA rules that required no cars parked on the street after 10pm. If you did leave a vehicle on the street by accident, even if it was in front of your own house, they towed it to a place way the fuck outside of town and it cost over 200 to get it back.

You don’t have a driveway to actually park on in front garage doors? What about making a place in your yard to park the 3rd car?

I have it on good authority that they only did that to piss you off.

How long is the driveway before the garage? You can’t fit a car in there?

There’s room to park in the driveway, but then he has to move his car every time one of the other two cars is coming or going. That’s how I read it.

If that’s the case, he and his family are a bunch of pansies.

Hey, I’m annoyed, without good reason, when people park in front of my house even though there is still plenty of room.

But then I live in the suburbs, and am annoyed easily.

One critical thing you do not say; is there any other parking available in the area? Is the spot in front of your house literally the only one on the street? Not to sound stupid, but could you pull down in front of another house?

I guess there are a few possibilities. One, make it an “unsafe neighborhood” to leave cars out like that. Of course, it is not too late at night, so you could get caught with the ball peen hammer.

Two, spraypaint little parking lines so that the morons might get the point and leave enough space for two cars to park there (one of which would hopefully be yours).

For the people who are such advocates of talking to the neighbors, even bringing shit like this up with the neighbors is also a good way to get into a fight and be hated. This isn’t fantasy world, where everyone sorts out their problems. It’s, “Oh, so get this, Mr. Holierthanfuckingthou comes over last night, and asks me if I can keep out of ‘his’ parking spot that is on a public street . . . .”

Yeah, but nobody likes you.

I’m available for hire. Here’s one of my templates.

Do what Roger Wong did and make a “FREE CARS” sign.