Pep Boys: Rat Bastards

Fired a guy for being called up in the reserve.

Do you routinely assume that whatever is alleged in a newspaper account is true? At least wait for it to be “proven” in a court of law…

Quenan raises a good point, but if it is true that Pep Boys sent a letter to the Navy that says this:

"The suit cites a letter sent to the Naval Reserve by Pep Boys, dated Sept. 11, 2001, requesting Balodis “be exempted from any impending call to active duty as a result of the tragic and senseless acts of terrorism. … While I recognize Mr. Balodis’ commitment to protect and serve the nation, I must also make you aware that he holds a critical position in the Corporate Structure of Pep Boys.”

… and did it on Sept. 11th 2001 (very poor taste - “oh, so sorry about your Pentagon there but…”) then they deserve all the bad press coming. A store manager holds a “critical position in the Corporate Structure”? Bah, now maybe if the Military was calling up Manny, Moe, and Jack, then I could see Pep Boys asking for an exemption.

Well, I normally assume that (sourced) facts are true, the direct quotes are accurate but possibly misleading, and any analysis of motivations is bunk. Doesn’t change much in this case.

my goodness yes, please wait for an impartial court system to decide the truth b/c we all know that what happens is the U.S. court system can be labeled as ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help us god.’


please, reading something in a newspaper is probably closer to the truth than letting the court system decide things.

of course, i live in TX and heck, we like to sentence people even when our DNA labs are proven negligent and out-and-out liars.

We should no longer discuss subjects until they are through the courts? What about stories that settled out of court and the agreement is sealed?