Hell yeah!

OHhhhhhh, me want that, me want that very badly.

This looks very interesting. I’ll definitely be following this one.

“Hardship awaits.”

I do have a soft spot for logistics.

Sounds like something i would like to play! (i thought i already replied to this topic yesterday…)

Bah 2020

There’s a demo for this up now as part of Steam’s Gamescom indie event.

Nice! Downloading it now.

Very curious

Maybe I just haven’t unlocked it yet, but how do you build workers?

Edit: never mind, it just comes relatively late in the production chain.

Well, I have to say, I’m not sure why I’d play this rather than Surviving Mars at this point. The logistics aren’t as transparent (and I really don’t like the way prioritising works), and so far it doesn’t seem to have much character, though I do like the map.

Hmm I am liking it more than Surviving Mars, due to the fact that colonists , at least to where the demo ends, aren’t something to worry much about.

Every game of Surviving Mars I played I stopped after a meteor strike eventually put me into a failure spiral. Sometimes after spending a long-ass time recovering from an earlier meteor strike. If this game doesn’t have that, it’s a win in my book!

You can switch them off, can’t you?

A meteor did strike while I was playing the demo, but in an area I hadn’t built yet.

This game sorta has a LOGistICAL feel/look, anyone who has played that game and can give this demo a try , want to compare them?

As I recall, you had to turn off all disasters. Only the meteor strikes that damaged domes ever put me into death spirals, though.

The demo was good but too short. Got through it in <30 minutes. Had to restart the demo to figure out the build order. I ran out of electronics early. There is no guidance in the demo, but enough UI feedback to figure out what you need to do.

The UI is better than logistical. Per Aspera is a lot less puzzly. The logistics part of per aspera seemed to be all automated. I like how you had to manage power area and maintenance area to place new buildings. The demo ended right at the part where it got interesting. This one is definitely near the top of my wishlist.

I don’t see too many similarities at this early stage; as @mprod mentioned, all the logistics are automated - although you can prioritize structures manually - and the UI is way better, not that that would be hard.

I haven’t played Surviving Mars - hello backlog - but this was a reasonably interesting taster. Not very difficult but you did eventually have to use a little brainpower to figure out your later build order. Certainly enough here to keep me interested for the release.