Plenty of excellent advice from @Woolen_Horde; I’ll just add don’t be afraid to prioritise buildings and you can never have too many workers!

It’s sometimes not enough to just monitor the stockpiles; I was making sure I had plenty of food & water for the colonists. But I got distracted with building etc and suddenly noticed my colonists had almost all gone. Turns out none of my water supplies were at 3 of the 4 domes; they were sitting in other places. So the colonists buggered off back to Earth. Prioritising domes has fixed that; for the moment anyway.

Is it still just 1 worker per hub?

I could swear there was a way to increase it.

Just one as far as I am aware. I try to have a ratio of 1 for every 3 or 4 buildings but that’s not based on anything scientific.

Worker hubs are your best friend. If you build a supply depot, place a worker hub next to it. You’re going to be moving A LOT of stuff to and from the depot.

Thanks for the tips. Helps a lot!

So I can’t help but break my games lol. Here I am trying to turn Mars into Venus:

I’d pretty much already won, so I thought I’d try to flood the entire planet. Sadly, no matter how much ice I bring in at this late stage, it doesn’t make much of an impact on water levels. So instead I am pumping massive amount of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Do you delete factories if they’re no longer in a good position to produce stuff efficiently (or at all)?

I don’t personally but I don’t claim to be an expert. The power draw is small and they don’t consume food or water in particular, as that’s usually the only resource that might be in shorter supply.

They still might possibly fulfil some function in the “local” transport network I guess unless they’re at the edge of an area you’re not expanding any more.

I do demolish inefficient factories. I can potentially use the land they’re on for another worker hub, or maybe room for a Hyperloop station.

They also require maintenance upkeep, and while that’s not really a huge issues, it can add up.

Sorry I didn’t read that properly - yes I do definitely scrap factories that are inefficient.

I see they have another content update incoming. Is now a good time to jump in or should I wait for it to hit? Any big things you expect them to change/fix?

I’m a couple steps into terraforming in the campaign - normal difficulty. My question / comments may sound like I don’t like the game, but I do. I find I’m pulled to try and complete the next step, staying up until 2 AM last night when I usually don’t play past midnight most nights anymore. So my comments and question…

It seems like Per Aspera is a pretty straight forward game of expansion and resource prioritization. Follow the obvious and you’ll be OK (unless a particular resource is hard to find). But in that case you may just want to prioritize scanning some more.

My questions…does that campaign keep along in that vein? I plan to keep playing either way. Also, does the non-campaign game play out fairly similarly?

Also, boy does it play out slowly!

There are a couple of Ui things the game could use, like a notification when a mine runs out of resources or a building gets destroyed.

Yes, but you will be in for a few surprises along the way.

There is a notification. It’s a plunk sound, which I often miss cause I’m deep in thought trying to develop some new resources node. But it’s easy to find by just going into the list of sites you have, sort by mines, and look for what turned off. You can delete them right from there.

Holy cow, can you believe I didn’t know there was a list of sites. I have no idea why I didn’t click on the obvious hamburger menu! That is so useful to have and I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an easy way to check the efficiency of the buildings. Well duh, there is, I just didn’t see it! Thanks!

Want to know something funny? I didn’t either til I was half way through the game. The developer is awesome and when I wrote about it on steam forums he told me it existed lol and where to find it :)

I want to make sure I’m not overlooking something. I’m on step 4 of the terraforming and unlocking different side missions to reveal the story. Many of these locations are far away. My two options to get colonists there are:

  1. Create another landing site and build up the economy to support that site
  2. Create a chain of power and hyperloops to get what’s needed there.

I was doing #2 to a place that is far, but not crazy far. Now that I see the location of some other story places I don’t think #2 is an option for those. I think I need to create a new landing site near it, start scanning for resources, and then eventually investigate the story location.

I’ve done it both ways. In the end I will probably always go #1 because the game can’t track separate sites individually showing stats on them. I’ve been caught several times where problems arise in a satellite site and I have no good notification because all the stats I see are for the main site.

I finished my campaign, but I almost screwed it up. I had made it to the last step without any pushback really. My resources were good. I think I was around year 50 when I hit that step. Then I got careless. I was just keeping a cursory look at my resource levels as I was playing at 16x speed. I lost track of how much aluminum I had at separate bases, so while I thought I had plenty, my main developed area didn’t have much and I lost around half my workers. Things screeched to a halt.

I went on a mad dash deleting unnecessary things, much got me some resources back. I made my way to new aluminum deposits and got that flowing again. But then I wasn’t paying much attention to power because after building more buildings I started running negative. I had temporary swings so I wasn’t worried, but this one wasn’t temporary and it drained my batteries.

I went on another spree deleting things and building nuclear power plants. Now I lost track of my carbon and electronics stock and I lost almost all my maintenance drones. Another mad scramble. After pairing down things that were no longer necessary, shoring up production, I was able to let it run until I finished terraforming the final step.