Per, Begich is up by 3 votes

Woohoo, now we’ll have to see if that lead holds.

And if Franken somehow pulls it out in MN as a result of the hand recount I’ll be in heaven.

Would a link have fucking killed you?

Oops, sorry about the lack of a link. I’m bad about that in emails to friends and family too. Hey, at least I told you where to look!

Front page link to a fucking blog in reference to a specific story?


Except that it’s the lead story; so any breaking news on the recount will be posted on the front page I linked.

Three votes, wow. Talk about slim margins…

You think like a blogger – everything’s either topical or worthless! What if someone does a search on this two years from now? They’re going to get a front page about some shit this guy ate for lunch. Formerly-useful websites are moving to this format and it drives me nuts because it’s not how I usually access information. (God bless Wikipedia, I suppose.)

On the other hand, no one will care about this topic two years from now, so the only way to reference fleeting entertainment news is to link to a front page. I guess you win after all!

Real link here:

For those poor sobs searching for this 2 years from now.

Of course, now the front page which I wont link to piss people off says that it’s 814 votes.

Permanent linking is just basic net civics.

The other guy must really suck if you want Al Franken to win.

I’m actually pretty psyched about Franken. He knows his public policy inside and out, and his politics are really quite moderate and DLC-esque.

You may be right. I’ve only heard him on his radio show, where he sounds like a VERY leftist liberal to me. In fact, when I listened to him he sounded just as hateful as Rush, only in the opposite direction.

He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and spent his books eviscerating Coulter and Rimbaugh et al., but let’s not forget the degree to which they deserve it.

Yeah, so?

Being highly critical of someone or some organization (aka being hateful) is not an inherently bad thing. What makes the criticism good or bad is the validity of the criticism. Hating liberals due to a pack of out-and-out lies is a Bad Thing. ™ Hating Conservatives due to the facts (peddling lies, displaying a stunning incuriosity, etc. etc.) is a Good Thing, ™ so long as you don’t let your hatred blind you to the Conservatives’ good points and/or the Liberals’ bad points.

And of course, usually when you’re not blinded, “hatred” is too strong an emotion for most people… most people are mixed bags. That’s why I’m continually stunned that no matter how hard I look, the Conservative movement (on the national level) really does appear morally bankrupt.

Exactly. I never got the vibe from the old Al Franken Show (originally the O’Franken Factor just to tweak Bill O’Reilly) that I got from some other shows on Air America (which did basically sound like a mirror image of Rush). Franken was much fairer.

Where is the most up to date information on the recount status for MN?

The recount will begin on Nov. 19 in Minnesota.
As per

I don’t understand how this suddenly became about Franken? Aren’t the topic and the linked posts talking about Begich?