Perfect Dark XBLA

I know we’ve got a discussion of this game going in the Next Ten XBLA Titles Revealed thread, but I think this game deserves it’s own subject.

Disclaimer: I am one of those weirdos that never really understood the hype for Perfect Dark on the N64. I had it. I played it. I finished the SP, tooled around with some MP, but never really got all the praise. Coming from playing a lot of PC shooters, PD just seemed clunky and slow.

The XBLA remake is awesome. I don’t know if it’s the silky-smooth 60fps, the crisp textures, or the 360 controller, but I’m loving this game.

Yeah, this game holds up superbly in almost every way, imo. The controls on the 360 feel great. The thought of holding a N64 controller in my hand again makes me shudder. :)

i never played the original (not owning an n64 at the time of its release) but i bought this because of the price. i tooled around with it a bit, but haven’t really delved into it at all


Also, the four player splitscreen is flawless. I had a blast last night playing with the kids. I had forgotten how much I miss four player games. They are so rare this gen.

Actually, come to think of it, I can only remember a couple of games that allow you to play with four players on the same game.

Castle Crashers


I was destroying the bots and feeling pretty good about myself before jumping online… then I went online and realized my call of duty skills don’t transfer well lol… This game is amazing and really brings me back though.

I bought this last night, but haven’t played it yet. Question: when you play online, can you still screenlook?

This is one of the main reasons why the Wii outsells the 360. Just sayin’.

There’s a ton more than that. We’ve had some old threads on it. I believe Halo 3, RB6: Vegas, GRAW, some of the CoDs, are all shooters that have it. There’s a few more I’m certain too. For non shooters you have things like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Splosion Man, N+, Small Arms, etc. Then you have things like Rock Band or the game show games like Scene It.

The big thing for me is bots. Four player split-screen isn’t much use if you can’t gang up on bots together.

I had totally forgotten about this, but i was playing perfect agent on the first level and was doing the bonus objective where you have to unlock a computer to get some data.

To do this you have to track down this programmer and then at gun point force him to enter the password. He even runs for help if you stop pointing you gun at him which was a nice touch. Then once he had done the task, as i pulled out my gadget to download the info, he goes ahead and deletes its! Failing my mission! What a jerk!

So i restarted and blasted my way back down to the guy, but this time as soon as he finished - it was a quick, clean, execution-style, silenced shot to back of the head.

However, it sort of made think, wow that’s the sort of cold blooded thing you would see the bad guys do in a action movie.

I had forgotten that this game has neat stuff in it like that.

Idle curiosity, as I don’t have a 360, but did they fix that bug from the original which caused anyone killed with their screen blurred from hand to hand or tranquilizers or whatever to respawn with their screen just as blurred as it was?

That shit killed multiplayer for me. How it got past QA…

So I downloaded the trial and played it, mainly out of curiosity – I never tried this one on the N64 but always heard it was a stand out on the console. The first thing I did was shoot a couple of guys, then pushed a mysterious looking button on the wall that turned out to be a light switch. Then I stumbled around in the dark for a while looking for the switch again before I got bored and bailed. I don’t think I’ll be buying this one.

While I don’t necessarily disagree, can you prove this, or are you just guessing that this is the case?

I did that too. But then I fired my gun a few times and the muzzle flash allowed me to find the lightswitch again.

I spent HOURS and HOURS with PD on the N64 trying to beat the first mission on Perfect Agent. Once I finally accomplished that goal, I pretty much set the game aside. So I have plenty left to see in the single player campaign but I should probably tackle it on the medium difficulty if I want to make any progress.

You definitely have to gird your loins for frustation and mission failure, plus confusing level design, but it’s worth it. Kind of an absurdly ambitious title. I love the enemy shooting and rolling animations.

I teach at NYU film school and they have a pretty cool Game Center set up right outside my classroom with current gen consoles along with some older gear as well. I keep seeing students playing Goldeneye which gladdens my heart and has me itching to revisit that game. I really hope they give Bond the same deluxe XBLA treatment, but for now, this will do nicely. SOLD!

I think it was in the works at some point but the rights nightmare (Nintendo published the original, Rare is now owned by MS, and Activision Blizzard now has the Bond license) torpedoed it.

I remember this from the N64 days and it was very good but it can’t have held up well over time as everyone is saying. Could it?

Try the demo and find out.

Well… they did make the controls better, and they cleaned up the graphics quite a bit. (including swapping in new character models)