Perfect Dark

I think it is. It had a story tied to a middling movie, a really weird control scheme on an uncomfortable controller, and no online whatsoever. OK, it was the best consoles had on offer at the time, but that doens’t really speak well for consoles at the time, in my opinion.

In the moment, I can tell you that GoldenEye got a massive amount of playtime in the dorms in college.

For me too! I had an N64 and we played a lot of Goldeneye/PD (though also a lot of WWE and Conker) when I was at uni. But when I came home during the holidays I didn’t touch either of those shooters, because I could play better ones online.

For single player games at the time, I disagree. Goldeneye was what changed my perception of consoles. Quake and Duke Nukem 3D and Descent II were nice on PC, but I felt that Goldeneye took single player FPS games to the next level. Shooting limbs, helmets, having enemies react to that, was such a revelation, and it felt so much more cinematic than the PC shooters.

Multiplayer Goldeneye we just tried on a lark, 3 brothers, just giving the split screen a try, and it was just such a blast. I think it was the fact that it was split screen that ended up making it so much more fun than PC games we played. When we played on PC, we played one at a time with others watching as we got on Kali to play, for example, Descent II, which was a lot of fun, but just being able to shoot each other in split screen was a completely new experience for me coming from PC Gaming, and I was just so surprised by it.

There’s just a mysterious X factor to split screen gaming, it just adds so much more fun to the proceedings.

Yeah, technical capabilities matter and the gulf between PCs and consoles felt huge back then, but perhaps even more so than today, comparing networked (LAN/internet) multiplayer and couch multiplayer was apples and oranges, especially if you weren’t quite in college yet. Couch multiplayer was huge in dorm rooms too of course, but before broadband was ubiquitous, if you were in high school around the time of goldeneye, it was the pinnacle of accessible multi-player shooters. That remained a meaningful distinction through time splitters and even halo.

On the original Perfect Dark:

Yeah, I never got into it either. The worse frame rate didn’t help. Plus they were trying to tell a more complicated story, and the technology of the time really felt restrictive.

Plus by the time Perfect Dark came out PC gaming had really passed Goldeneye by a lot. Half Life, Shogo, Jedi Knight, Soldier of Fortune, Kingpin, System Shock 2, Descent 3, Unreal Tournament, Alien vs Predator all came out before Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark felt old before it came out, at least from my PC Gaming perspective, whereas Goldeneye felt way ahead from that same PC Gaming perspective at the time in 1997. But by 2000 when Perfect Dark game came out the landscape was so different. It felt like a relic.

I guess the Perfect Dark pause music was similar. Not as much of a banger, but pretty good.

The single player campaign was kind of all over the place, but there was some really good stuff in there. And all of the ways that PD and Goldeneye encouraged you to go back and replay the campaign missions to ultimately master them was exceptionally well done. I’ve never had the drive to do that with any other FPS.

But Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were peak friends come over and we play for hours gaming for me. PC multiplayer couldn’t match that experience, even on LAN. Add in the huge customizability in Perfect Dark plus unlockables(I’m remembering this right, yeah?) and it just ate hundreds of hours of my life.

I bought a Perfect Dark hard copy at an outlast KB-Toy store day-one. What a world. That shop was super dead by Toys“R”Us a decade before.

I would buy an Xbox Series and a new Halo if it offered four player split screen again. Dumbest thing ever to quit making fps games playable by four players in the same room. We have 65 to 85 inch TVs now. Everyone would practically have their own monitor.

It’s still far better to play with friends and family in the same room. Drives me crazy that they quit having that feature, especially in Halo where it was the defacto standard way to play.

I understand why the FPS genre moved away from it overall, split-screen multiplayer is much more of a niche feature now that “everyone” is online all the time on all gaming hardware, and if you’re going for broad appeal, why focus any resources on that? But it is still a shame that Halo specifically dropped it when it was such a beloved part of that franchise for so long.

Wow I came here to say Microsoft may finally have a good game and you all think it sucks. :(

I thought that trailer was fantastic. Can’t wait to shoot aliens in their giant heads with an xray gun.

I’m with you. I have no attachment to Perfect Dark as a franchise. I played the original and thought it was awful due to the framerate issues noted above. This looks pretty good.

The trailer was great. It’s the OG Perfect Dark I don’t care about. This game seems to have nothing material in common with it.

I remember the first game had a lady spy and she was infiltrating some Spectre like org and it turned out to be aliens. This one looks like it’s generally the same idea.

The first game was a reskinned Goldeneye with some funky weapons. This one is not.

It was a greatly enhanced Goldeneye. Sadly, it was just too good for the console it was released on. But I’m also not sure there is anything from that generation of console FPS that is worth bringing into the 21st century. I’m interested in what this one is looking to be doing, I hope it turns out good.

All the old nostalgia aside, I think the consensus here has been that this new PD looks pretty cool.

There’s a lot of potential, at least. Showing us bits of parkour traversal kind of like Mirror’s Edge and also some Deus Ex-like immersive sim elements definitely gets my attention, much more than the standard FPS I would have assumed it was going to be before they showed the trailer.