Perfect wife - Sherry Papini

Anyone else watch this on Hulu? Wow that was so messed up. I do not understand people.

My wife and I just finished this. At the end, all we were left with was “Why?” People are messed up.

The oddest bit to me was the dude in California. It seems he got nothing out of it and really just thought he was helping an old flame out. I can imagine an old friend calling me up to get help, maybe a place to crash for a few days, that sort of thing. But what he did? WTF.

Also, the other doc series you should watch as a companion to this is American Nightmare on Netflix. It’s just as messed up and crazy, but for entirely different reasons.

Yea, it boggles my mind he would help hurt her. When they first interviewed him and he was saying she asked him to do that stuff my thought was, “That’s exactly what a guilty person would say.”

I wish they’d spent more time delving into her past relationships. I wonder if they were all messed up.