Perhaps this is a little late, but what the hey

As Tom already knows, I’m horrible at introductions.

Some of you have already seen me around here. I’ve seen a lot of you around here, but it always takes me a while to attach a name to a post, so to speak. It helps when I have some information to tie the poster to his posts. Or something.

I’m also not very good at making sense, as some of you who’ve seen me post are no doubt aware.

Irregardless (and notwithstanding that irregardless isn’t even a word [and ignoring the fact that I’m seriously abusing my right to use parantheses {and forgiving me for possibly misspelling parantheses}]), what I’d like ya’ll to do, if you would be so kind, is take a minute and tell me a bit about yourself.

I’ll go ahead and start.

Hi group, my name is Ryan, but you can call me Mach.

Group: “Hi, Mach.”

Hi there. I’m a casual but easily addicted gamer, an underskilled and over-qualified (or is it over-qualified and under-skilled?) graphics designer / PC Tech, currently unemployed in those markets, who’s barely staying afloat by living at home with his mother and working part-time as a rep for a printer company and going to school for a rather meaningless degree.

Group: much giggling and snickering

Stop laughing. It’s not that funny. Anyways, aside from graphics design, being a computer geek/gamer, and doing occasional creative writing, I also like music, movies, etc etc.

Okay, I’m done. If anyone would like to help me remember who they are, just go ahead and say something about yourself. It really will help me make sense of all these names and such.

Big, huge long thread on this very subject.

Note that this is not a Wumpusian threadcop complaint. That thread is way down the board by now & hard to find.

Ryan, there was already a pretty comprehensive thread of introductions. It was called something like ‘So who are you and what do you do?’. You might want consider digging it up with a search and appending your intro onto it.

Oh, and although you did misspell parenthesis, you get points for suspecting you had misspelled it. And irregardless is indeed a word, although its legitimacy is disupted. Personally, I think its just as valid as ‘reiterate’, which literally means ‘to repeat again’.


Thanks for the heads up. When I throw my post in there, feel free to delete this thead.