Is anyone playing this? It sounds fantastic.

I got it a while ago, but haven’t played it all that much. While watching your little thingamajigs levelling the land is pretty cool, it all seemed slightly too fiddly and fast-paced for me. Might play it a bit more soon, since apparently you get more advanced terraforming options later on.

I took a good look at it at E3 and it looked like an utterly unremarkable, generic RTS. But I’m not a hardcore fan of the genre.

I reviewed it for CGM. I don’t want to give that away but I think I can tell you to wait for the review. Take that as you will.


Dave: So, you’re saying that he should definately buy it, and you give it three marios… out of five?

I’ve had that issue of CGM sitting in the backseat of my car, unread, for over a week now.

That’s a pretty harsh review. I really want this game to be good… why must you stomp on my dreams?

Seems like it is hovering around the 80% mark on gamerankings:

– Xaroc

Perimeter 2 is up on steam.

I played some of the original while I still had Gametap. I have to say, it was certainly a different experience in a good way. Any other games (including P2) have a similar or further developed terraforming aspect?

Codemasters released an RTS called Maelstrom that had terraforming similar to Perimeter. In fact, it was a major part of playing one of the sides as part of their goal was to flood the map with water, allowing them to expand. The game also allowed you to go into a first-person mode on the battlefield. It took a lot of cues from Starcraft but the sum of its parts wasn’t that inspiring.

I reviewed Perimeter and its sequel/Xpack for the now defunct Computer Games Magazine. These guys made the wacko game Vangers, for anyone that remembers that. Perimeter had similarly impenetrable fiction.

Ultimately I wasn’t a huge fan of the games because they’re just too complex for the sake of being different from other RTS games. Maybe that’s changed with Perimeter 2?

So who’s going to be the guinea pig? Tom’s the RTS guy. I nominate him.

You know, I’m fond of being able to say that I’ve played pretty much every real time strategy game that’s ever been made. And it’s times like these that I remember why I qualify it with “pretty much”.

I have no idea if the Perimeter games are any good and I’m certainly curious. But without an assignment to cover this, on the whole, I’d rather be in DOW2.


Hey, I am in the DoW2 beta, so if you’re ever up for a match my Live Tag is now OmikronWarrior.

As for Perimeter, it was consciously different. What Torment is to RPGs, Perimeter was to RTS, minus the brilliant writing and memorable characters and universally acknowledged greatness. On the otherhand, I can make no claim to playing pretty much every RTS. Not sure how Perimeter 2 will hold up, as Maelstorm was fairly negatively reviewed.

I played the demo for the last Perimeter, the standalone expansion, which was noted for its complete lack of tutorial or any hint system whatsoever. It seemed to assume that you had played the entire first game not five minutes earlier and knew everything you needed to know. But it was standalone. Yeah.

Anyway, I want to like the series. Terrain deformation is always welcome and those bubble shields look really cool.

Turns out it sucks. Surprise!

Original Perimeter and the expansion are actually kind of interesting. Worth playing if you can pick them up for pittance. The land-morphing/terraforming thing is interesting, and I like the fiction: the enemies are the manifestations of the fears and nightmares of the people aboard the floating city you are guiding across the landscape.

Perimeter 2 is rubbish.

Sad to hear that.

That’s too bad. I loved the first Perimeter. According to that review, they took out a lot of the stuff that made the game unique.