Person of Interest

So no thread yet and the season is almost over. I know I cannot be the only person watching it every week.

I am pretty sure this is my favorite new show on tv.

I really enjoy this show. Also my favorite new show this year. Glad it’s been renewed. The whole Elias storyline which has spanned the season gives a largely procedural show some serial elements to it. Also the gradual reveals about the histories of the two main characters and the machine also give it some serial appeal without bashing you over the head with it. Has lots of pretty cool action sequences too. Really like it a lot.

I live in NYC and was around one day when they were shooting a scene. I was standing and watching Jim Caviezel while they were between shoots and he was loosening up. He noticed me and walked over and said hi, we shook hands, told him I was a fan of the show, spoke for a minute or two. Nice guy.

The thread is here.

Ah ok , search didn’t work very well… :(

I’ll use yours, @lordkosc, because I just finished watching season 1, don’t want to spoil myself any of the rest it, and this was on levels of awesome close to Bab5!


I really enjoyed it till the end. Yeah the other thread has all the spoilers in it for sure.

One of the best comic book shows (that isn’t based on a comic, far as I know) on TV before or since. Such a cool show, every week.

I need to make a list of shows that I need to finish watching or catch up on.

Burn Notice
Agents of Shield
Person of Interest
The Flash
The Arrow
Legends of Tomorrow

Any suggestion of shows I should add, or shows on the list I should skips?

I think those shows are all good to watch. Others that I would add…

12 Monkeys
The Good Place

Galavant was great. Anything with Timothy Omundson is must watch television for me.

Thankfully, I am caught up on Psych. Sadly, I am caught up on Psych.

Now if only they would do a live action new-generation Voltron that takes place after this, with TimO in the Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne sort of role:

Thank you, that was awesome.

Also, damn you! It’s another thing I want, but will never have.

Anyway, I hope TimO is making a fast recovery. I missed him in the psych movie.

I mean, are you asking for a list of all good tv shows from the last 5 years or so? Need to know what you like.

The Americans
The Good Place mentioned above should have broad appeal.
The Bridge
Better Call Saul if you like talky character studies.

If you got Amazon Prime:

Sneaky Pete if you like grifters
Patriot is quite a gem.


Future Man is interesting.

Oh more

Izombie (NF)
Killing Eve (hulu in near future). This is the new hotness. Protagonist is like Root but less sane and more murdery.

@lordkosc, I think I agree with you on your assessment of the series. Some of those episodes would be amongst my favourite TV episodes for any series.

Mostly I’m looking for shows with as little cringe humor as possible and as little emotional investment as possible.

Snappy lines and pop culture references in place of deep character development is considered a plus.

Although, I make an exception for the Good Place. That’s just good.

So… Archer, Rick and Morty, and Future Man.

Wait, I’ve seen you in P&R. You may like Braindead.

I think you’ve got me pegged! Although I’m not sure about Rick and Morty. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen, but something about it bugs me.

Light, escapish, no emotion. Male-oriented.

Okay maybe Cinemax’s Strike Back. The first 2-3 seasons. It gets really dumb and bad after that.

Our lists are remarkably similar :O

I was told to watch 12 monkeys on top of that. Writing down Burn Notice and Legends of Tomorrow onto mine.

To get back to Person of Interest, I was distraught by looking at Finch’s face. I was unnerved looking at him. It took me about 2 minutes (not very long, the trauma was big) to recall where I knew this face from: The Practice. Brrr…

Legends of Tomorrow gets better… Season 2 is better than season one, but I just ran out of time this year.