Persona 3 is coming

For the PS2, not directly connected to the previous Persona games, and art design is done by Shigeki Soejima rather than long-time Megaten artist Kazuma Kaneko. It does look like Soejima is basing his work off Kaneko’s designs, though.

No indication of whether it’ll get a US release. While I really hope it will, when you factor in translation time it’d probably come out after the PS3 release, which does not bode well. Also, apparently the main character summons Persona by shooting himself in the head, which might SCEA wary of it.

Still, I’ll salivate a bit over it, even if we never get it over here.

Digital Devil Saga had a cannibalism theme, I don’t think a suicide theme is going to be any harder to swallow.

Yeah, I know. I just think suicide hits a little closer to home than cannibalism.

Okay, so help me out. This is a fighting game where you transform into a demon by killing yourself? Did I get that right?

Chris Woods

Not a fighting game. It’s an RPG, from the same folks as Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga. And yes, the main character appears to summon “Persona,” demonic alter-egos, by shooting himself.

I never played the other Persona games. Are they good. In fact, Persona and Shadow Hearts are two series I have never played, despite being interested in them. Of the two, which should I try first?

I direct you to this page for tons of info on the Persona games, and Megaten in general:

I really liked Persona 2: EP, but never much liked the first one. If you liked SMT: Nocturne and/or Digital Devil Saga, then they’re definitely worth a look. The Persona games are more like Digital Devil Saga in that they’re more “traditional” rpgs, but with lots of Megaten themes and flavor. There was a reissue of Persona 2 recently, so it’s not too hard to find.

Strange after playing DDS where you eat other people for power, shooting yourself in the head really doesn’t bother me that much.

This game looks amazing, as usual for Atlus. I love the idea of modeling real life during the day and night, and then modeling a modern day RPG in the thirteenth or 0 hour, after midnight, especially how your relationships (or commu, like the game calls it) and state in the real world effects your efforts and availability to explore the 0 time (can’t go fighting monsters if you’re sick or on vacation).

It is scheduled for release on July 13th! Which is only a little time after Valkyrie Profile: Sylmeria, which itself is only a little while after Yangus & the Mysterious Dungeon (Nethack/roguelike), which itself is only a little while after Contact, which itself is only a little while after Final Fantasy XII and I still haven’t gotten around to playing Children of Mana, Suikoden V or Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou.


If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, do it. Now.

(unless you are an anime hating freak)

Dear Atlus, translate this game to english (with original voice-overs) ASAP. Thank you.

I’m the only one who thinks “Persona 3” is funny? Weird funny. Also, funny funny.

Yeah, Syntax was kind of easy, meaning was obtuse.

I’ve only played Shadow Hearts 2, but the first 35 hours or so were some of the best time I’ve spent with a PS2 RPG. After that (around Disc 2) the plot gets bizarre and really hard to follow and combat starts getting repetitive (I found it to be a bit on the easy side and boss fights were pretty underwhelming) so I never actually finished it.

So, okay. You blow out your brains to turn into a demon. Isn’t this, like, a one time deal? I mean… how many times does the main guy kill himself over the course of the game?

Chris Woods