Pet owners prefer McCain

According to the poll cited in this article.

So, is your pet hinting that you shoud vote for McCain?

For example, the poll found 47 percent of whites own dogs, compared with just 24 percent of blacks. Whites tend to favor McCain, while blacks overwhelmingly favor Obama.

The population breakdown of who has pets and who doesn’t may be a factor.

Ya think?

My rabbit is a clear Obama supporter, but my dog is all about McCain. You’ll note below that the dog is afraid of the rabbit though(maybe it’s the red eyes!), so I can’t vouch for his judgement:

Forget about the dog, I’m afraid of your hellspawned flame-eyed rabbit.

Who the fuck commissions these retarded polls?

I agree, that’s about the stupidest poll criteria I’ve seen.

What about one legged left handed people of Norwegian ancestry, where is their poll?

The Associated Press.

But don’t quote them!

Anything to get McCain to lead in a poll.

McCain’s leg is strikingly similar in appearance to an old leathery chew toy. I could see his appeal in the key slave-animal population.