Pet Thread III: The Revenge

So, here I am, sitting in front of my computer, pondering Kasavin’s crazy revisionist MGS2 review… and I happen to look over to the right of my monitor and see this:

And now, somehow, I can’t muster the proper level of indignant rage.

pussy whipped

Yeah, my Logitechs calm me down all the time, and I only have the Z-560s.

What the hell is that next to the controls? Some sort of opossum or something?


Man, my cat had trolls for a bit too. They sell some really smelly spray you can use to clean those suckers right out.

There I was, sitting in front of my computer pondering the necessity of this cat-related thread, when I happened to look over to the right and saw…WUMPUS.

And now, somehow, I can’t muster the proper level of indignant rage.
[size=2]It’s okay, Wumpus is her name.[/size]

the new TiVo/Motorola set-top warmer:

my bar tab-by:

don’t get me started with our dogs… :wink:

Aawwww, wook at da cute wittle kitties!! (I turn into an idiot around animals, I just love 'em so…) Can you show us some pictures of your wittle puppies too? I just wuv puppies.

I miss my kitty. :(

I’m cat obsessive. So forgive me…

Sally as a kitten


Wanting the kitty treat

Getting the kittry treat

Sweet, sweet kitty treat. Eases the pain…

Adult Sally.

She looks like shes saying “SUP YO” in that picture, I haven’t been able to take any good ones of her in a while. I may try that tonight.

Sorry I had to gush.

Aawww, that is one cute wittle kitty. Thanks for the pictures, Jason.

Did your kitty go to the great scratching post in the sky, or are you just away from her?

(I gotta tell you, if the poor thing has moved on to the 10th life, that picture’s kinda creepy…)

My cat Bill is pushing 17. And he’s starting to really show his age – wobbly walk, odd behaviors, and just not quite as vicious to those he doesn’t like any more. After all this time, I am going to be one depressed guy when he finally goes.


Great kitten shots! Love the “gargoyle pose” shot.

Er, you do know that programs like Photoshop Elements can be used to hide the demon possession from kitty’s eyes, right? :)

He’s 12 years old and counting …

Achoo! This thread is kicking up my allergies.

SUPER HOT CAT-ON-CAT ACTION!!!1! Now with 33% more pants!

To answer Supertanker’s question, that little figurine in my earlier picture is a gift my mom gave me one xmas.

we have 3 dogs, but due to some ignorance of my own making, we only have pics of one right now (i had some HDD issues and had to format…lost all my pics :oops: )

this is Feebie (or Phoebe as my wife spells it) who was caught sleeping on the couch in the formal living room…even though she has her own twin-size day bed to sleep on in her room. yeap, she’s a bitch.

No, he’s still in Las Vegas with his so-called “real owners”, a couple friends from whom I had rented a room. Biloux (pronounced “blue”) slept on my chest every night, meowed for me to wake up in the mornings, and loved me real good long time. In that picture, he has hijacked the other kitty’s box and is giving me cutey big fat boo eyes. :)

By the way, McMaster, your series of pictures is great! I was laughing out loud with the whole “kitty treat” drama.


Glad to hear he’s still alive. The picture of him in a box with his feet in the air had me wondering. :)

Here’s a random shot of Bill…

Holy moly! Look at those eyes!

Grendel says “Phtpppttptptptptptptp”

…And Ozymandias says “Leave me alone”