Pet Thread III: The Revenge

Awesome glow on Ozy’s eyes, Ben. Is he about to use his freeze vision?

As for Bill’s eyes…

OK, I’ll play. This is Grapefruit:

Hoo, grapefruit needs to cut back on the cat food a little. I have seen much fatter cats though-- Marlon Brando size cats. You wouldn’t think massive bulk would be compatible with the stealthy, mercurial nature of cats, but it somehow works for them.

Bill reminds me of Robert Smith of the Cure. A wee bit too much mascara around those intense eyes.

:D Pets are great. I’m looking forward to our first child. That’s like the ultimate pet.

Grendel says “Phtpppttptptptptptptp”

It is so funny how cats will “forget” to put their tongues back in their mouths. Then they look at you, all cat-serious, and their FRIGGIN’ TONGUE IS HANGING OUT OF THEIR MOUTH.

Our other cat, Floyd, doesn’t do it, but… man. Every time Elsie does, it just slays me. Every. Single. Time.

Only cat pics I have are the ones the guys from Digital Eel (creators of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space) sent me. Near the bottom on the first page, and four or five on the second page.

we have 5 pets:


Feebie (Phoebe)


Cole (Coal)

of all the pets in this thread, i like that Denny’s is named “Bill.” a very human name; nothing weird, funny or odd…just Bill!

and of course, it reminds me of a Camper Van Beethoven song!


4 here as well…

2 Dogs - Timber & Scout

2 Cats - Spook & Mouse

No digital pics

Tried to no avail! Even the smallest amounts of diet-type food have not stopped her from bulking up to about 14 pounds. I think it’s because she was a stray and learned that she had to eat anything and everything she could to survive. Luckily, she’s plateau-ed at 14 lbs.



Our cats are the same way with food, and yep, they were both strays. They never seem to learn that they will have food a-plenty in pepetuity, and insist on wolfing every meal down as if it will be their last.

We only feed them on a regular schedule 3 times a day or I’m sure they’d both be fat. Now if only I had that kind of discipline for myself, heh.

Speaking of which, it’s 5pm, feeding time, and Floyd mysteriously materialized just as I was typing this. It is tempting to let them self-feed cafeteria style… because they can get awfully pushy nagging us about feeding time. Particularly in the morning. I’m not so fond of the 4am wake ups involving the world’s loudest purring directly in my ear, and paw and nose pressed against my face… repeat ad nauseam until I wake up and feed 'em.

That’s why you feed them right before you go to bed.

Right, we feed them at wake up, at bed time, and at 5pm. They still wake me up at 4am even when fed at 11pm.

Your cats must hate you, then.

3 times!!! My cat gets fed once in the morning and she is good to go. No wonder they cannot keep their girlish figures.

Dr. Jenkins’ recommendation. Force them to cut back to twice daily and 30 mins. of Feline DDR once a day.

I suppose it’s open to debate, but it seems cruel to feed only once a day. How’d you like to eat one giant meal in the morning and then tough it out for the next 24 hours? It also seems like that might create some food anxiety in your pet… like even more frenzied wakeup attempts to get their one meal of the day.

My Dad’s cat is very sweet, but Brando fat. I asked him what his feeding strategy was-- he said that he used to feed her on a schedule, then got frustrated with her constant begging… at which point he angrily tossed an open bag of catfood on the floor.

To which I said: your child rearing skills have served you well, pop!

14 pounds? That’s tiny! Bill peaked at 22 pounds! (He’s a Maine Coon, though, so he’s freakin’ huge.) He’s “old man” skinny now, and still weighs 16 pounds.

Of course, a certain CGM editor has a cat that I’m quite certain can top the heaviest cat here – even if you also added the weight of the lightest cat. :) I shant name said heavy cat, though, unless the owner wants to mention it. Biggest cat I’ve seen – and one of the friendliest, too. Poor guy doesn’t even eat that much; just has a similar metabolism to me, I guess.

Our vet and the Purina bag says one cup once a day, IIRC. She eats off of it all day and then the next morning we start again. No scraps, no milk, just her food and some good, Jenkins’ lovin’. (Of the wholesome variety, damn you filthy-minded folks).

Now maybe our cat is not quite as “big-boned” as your’s wumpus, but she seems to be just fine.

I’ve seen a lot of those Vermont barn cats, especially the almost-feral ones. They’re friggin’ huge, and mean. Lots of fur, too. Have to be, if they scavange and survive those kinds of winters.

Yeah but Ty, they got an ex-stray. They tend to wolf down ALL the food in their bowl and STILL demand more. So the cat can’t eat it throughout the day since it’s gone in 15 minutes.
This thread is making me miss my one-eyed cat Willy.

Ahhhh. Gotcha. Our cat really does have a fairly small frame, too.

We feed our ex-stray by just leaving out a regular mix of food for her. But she will not eat unless someone can watch her back while she eats, so she ends up eating anytime anyone is by the kitchen or the opening in the loft above.

It sucks when we just leave for a night away or weekend, we have to get someone to sit with her for a little bit or she will not eat. And my dreams of having a car cat are gone. Cats running free in the car do not work.