PETA dipshits

Two fuckheads from PETA have been charged with 31 felony counts (each) of cruelty to animals and 8 misdemeanors of illegal disposal of dead animals. (very short article)

From the Scotsman:

“The statement continued: “PETA’s mission is to obstruct the use of any animal for any form of medical research, even if it were to lead to a cure for HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s or any other disease.”

I’m a PETA member as well…People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

That would be the statement from Covance, the people PETA caught treating animals in an appalling manner. Video here, among other things:

Other Documented Horrors for Animals at Covance

* Striking and choking "uncooperative" monkeys
* Screaming curses at frightened, sick monkeys
* Slamming monkeys into their cages after they've had dosing tubes rammed down their throats
* Hosing down cages with monkeys still inside, soaking the animals
* A loose monkey terrorized by a technician who slams cages into walls to scare the animal out of hiding
* Monkeys with chronic rectal prolapses-painful protrusions of the intestines through the rectum-resulting from constant stress and diarrhea
* Monkeys who died horribly in tests for a drug company-the veterinarian was forbidden to examine them or provide any treatment, including euthanasia
* Small monkeys dosed with large tubes forced up their nostrils and down into their stomachs, causing choking, gagging, and daily bloody noses
* Monkey self-mutilation resulting from Covance's failure to provide psychological enrichment and socialization
* Injuries left untreated until they became necrotic
* Nonstop blaring rock music

(Ok, it’s kind of a “which of these accusations is not like the other” deal, but there’s some nasty shit in there.)

Back on the original the treatment charges are appalling if true; hopefully they’ll rot in jail. I’m kind of surprised PETA is doing euthanasia in the first place, though.

It’s getting harder and harder to be a normal person and a vegetarian, isn’t it? For god’s sake, I hope people don’t assume I’m in PETA when I order the cucumber maki!