Peter Bonerz

No, I really mean it! PETER BONERZ!

Wow, he directed a ton of Murphy Brown! I loved that show!

I wanna know more about his brother Shit.

(looks at IMDB) And also various episodes of ER and Friends. And ALF. And Home Improvement. And … well, a ton of sitcoms from the 80s and 90s, both famous and obscure. He was the go-to gun for hire for a couple of decades.

But he’ll always be Jerry Robinson from The Bob Newhart Show to me. RIP.

I had the same reaction, but he’s still going! Fully erect, as it were.

Yeah, he’s a full on Bonerz.

I am very happy to be wrong. You know you’re getting up there when somebody mentions a celeb of your youth and you immediately assume they must have died.

Perhaps we can make Peter Bonerz the Internet’s new Abe Vigoda. Someone make a page called “Is Bonzerz still up?”