Peter Jackson producing Halo movie

That’s producing, not directing, which is slightly disappointing.

Course he is the guy holding the purse strings so it’s not all bad. I am still in awe of how far this guy has come from Dead Alive and Meet the Feebles. Who knows, Halo might not actually suck.

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I’m a bit shocked they got him at all. I wish Jackson would work on a Beyond Good & Evil movie instead. :(


You see, that’s the kind of thinking that’s going to get you hurt some day.

He’s such a hack.

— Alan

Rumour on the late night news here in NZ is that Jackson’s off the movie (fired?). Probably a good thing - I’d rather he was working The Lovely Bones and Dambusters :)

Let’s just hope he doesn’t decide to tackle the Wheel of Time series.
“OK, we’re going to do this like LotR, all the movies at once, all shot down in New Zealand. I need all of you to get your affairs for the next 15 years in order and meet me at the airport Tuesday.”

No, he’s still on the movie but Fox and Universal have pulled out.

It could be done entirely with clever editing of one shot of the male lead looking angsty, shots of the women pulling their braids, and…whatever the other guys did. I forget.


Death for the halo Movie?

Retarded choice for a director, Imho. Don’t choose someone without a blockbuster under their belt when trying to garner a $200 Million budget, and asking to get 5 Million upfront, with 10% of total profit… Dumbasses.

I don’t quite understand that, either. Microsoft wanted $5 million up front? Seriously… what’s $5 million to Microsoft? That’s a frickin’ rounding error on their monthly revenues.

Choosing a South African director who does pieces on integrating aliens and robots into daily life seems perfect actually. Halo is full of South African references. Truth and Reconciliation, Zanzibar, etc.

Hmm… reminds me of some guy… that got the rights to do some famous trilogy of books with a huge budget… even though he never made anything close to it… who was that guy?

Jackson isn’t directing, did you read the first post?

That wasn’t his point- the point is that Peter Jackson had never handled a big budget film before he tackled the LOTR trilogy so that isn’t reason to reject Halo’s director (forgot his name) out of hand for similar circumstances.

To be fair, however, Jackson had a lot of experience as a filmmaker before Lord of the Rings. There was a reason New Line trusted him with so much money. To me, it bodes ill that this Bloekamp fellow is being put on the Halo movie. I’m not really surprised Fox and Universal have bailed.

Frankly, I think Halo is a terrible movie license for a number of reasons.


And still no sequel for Meet the Feebles.

What sequel could there be? “Met the Feebles”?

The movie is continuing on…

The newest news post tells about it. They’ll find someone else. Hollywood must realize how BIG Halo is. Honestly.

I was completely uninterested in whatever boring Halo movie was coming out until I heard it was by the guy who did those short films. I didn’t know anyone else had even heard of this guy, and I had been burnign his shorts to DVD to hand out to friends. Please, take some chances and do something cool with the movie.