Peter Moore says EA can do better

Title Peter Moore says EA can do better
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When April 5, 2013

In response to The Consumerist's 2013 Worst Company in America poll, which appears to be on-track for an EA "win" for the second year in a row, Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore defends EA and points out that some of the poll responders may be uninformed or overst

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"-Many continue to claim the Always-On function in SimCity is a DRM scheme. It’s not. People still want to argue about it. We can’t be any clearer – it’s not. Period."

When Moore's first bullet point is a boldfaced lie, it is hard to take him seriously....

This fool just sealed the deal for an EA victory.

The possibility that enough people have come to this question- the worst company - and consistently decided that their priority is to point at a video game company freaks me out!

Or it means that people who answer online polls have a lot of free time.

Delusion on a grand scale.

Well, at least we all expect oil companies and banks to be evil. Entertainment companies, not so much, except for those of us who know the evils of The MPAA, RIAA and BSA.
They're still pretty shitty, regardless, and bleeding badly because of it. Good riddance.

Whenever they raise the point that "Origin has 45 million users!," something along the lines of the following point needs to be raised alongside it. I'm a registered Origin user. I have never bought, or played a game via Origin. I'm a registered user because I've bought several physical EA products and at various point was offered free games, which I took because "hey, free games," but I haven't actually gotten around to playing those, and certainly wouldn't have paid for them via Origin.

On the other side I've bought at least a half-dozen games via Steam that I didn't even bother to play, just because "hey, $5 AA game!", and have played plenty of other PC games on Steam as well. I have no need for Origin, nobody does, but they will continue to have "registered users" for as long as they keep giving out free games, I suppose.

It's easy to rank up a large user count if every title of late requires you to register with Origin.

1 million smokers can't be wrong!

Well he got one thing right, EA can certainly do better.

I was thinking the same thing.

Yeah, no kidding. They can insist it's not DRM until they're blue in their collective faces, but the reality is it either is DRM or it's functionally indistinguishable from DRM, which means it's DRM. And regardless of what we call it, it's what it does to the game both from a consumer rights perspective and a historical preservationist standpoint that's inexcusable and can't be argued away by just relabelling it.

EA is run like the cable company. Tens of millions of people have cable subscriptions despite the fact cable companies piss off their customers.

Customers have these subscriptions because they have little to no choice.

WE kind of feel the same way about some of our favorite franchises. If you get interested in a franchise you have little choice unless you want to forgo it. EA likes to take over some of these great franchises and then straddle the line between mediocre and acceptable. They know we can't get those franchises elsewhere.

I think that's the issue most consumers have with EA.

Let's take Origin vs or STeam. Today I re-installed Windows on my pc. Next I loaded up all those services starting with Origin. 8 hrs later, BF3 is still downloading while SC2 and TF2 finished up in less than an hour. I know this is a silly example and BF is a good 2x as large as SC2 and TF2, but it just seems to describe EA in a nutshell.

"Why do more when we can do less."

Overall EA uses and abuses their power in the marketplace to sell product rather than sell product and services by trying to make the best product and services.

EA should take a page from Nintendo and apologize profusely instead of saying customers are wrong. Customers aren't wrong if you're voted the worst company or are always on the short list.

Clearly this hasn't been working for EA financially. Look at their overall profit the last 6 or 7 years. It is in the red.

SEe there is thing that keeps on giving. It's called reputation. EA has little to none. Moore should be asked if he can draw a correlation between the two.

I suppose they send those in the universe that coexists with his facts.

How is he saying EA can do better? Seems more like he's just insulting the public and saying that they don't know what's happening. SimCity's always on IS DRM. That is a FACT. P E R I O D. Offering a free game doesn't make up for it either. it's a pathetic attempt to appease your customers, your pathetic always on DRM causing problems was not a mistake, it was a planned risk, it wasn't even a risk, YOU KNEW it would mess up, we all knew it would mess up, and you had planned to offer a free game after it had messed up but you had also hoped you would get away with it.

EA, try to treat your customers better, take a leaf out of CD Projekt Red's book, they know how to do it.