PewDiePie made $4 million last year


I guess, from my perspective less “jimquisition” is better for everyone. A whole lot less.


Let’s see the birth certificate.


Tune in and find out!


Bah. I for one need a salty Englishman to flip the bird at arseholes in the gaming industry from time to time.


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Mona Ibrahim is a Senior Associate at Interactive Entertainment Law Group. She is an avid gamer and has dedicated her career to counseling the video game industry and indie development community.


That article took several pages to come to the obvious conclusion we reached at the start of this thread; fair use for streaming video games has not been tested in court.

Totalbiscuit’s take was a bit more nuanced in predicting what will actually happen; nobody wants to test it in court and they’ll get away with the takedown whether it’s kosher or not.


?? It was one scroll for me


You must use really small fonts! It was 5 for me.


I was in Iceland at a restaurant and was served by a clearly Swedish guy that looked exactly like Felix, to the point where i had to do a double-check. All Swedes look the same to me.


It took three scrolls with my iPad in portrait mode to get to the sentence,

“There is a massive body of academic and legal discourse on the subject of fair use, all of which is relevant, and all of which will remain the subject of academic debate until Let’s Play is litigated. No one in this business on either side is eager to see that happen.”

Next stop for this thread is for @stusser and @Telefrog to post screenshots of their screen layouts for comparison.


I just read it. Five page scrolls.



  • 1 scroll. 20/5 vision here.
  • 2 scrolls?
  • 3 scrolls a scrolls scroll
  • 4 scrolling birds
  • 5 scrolling cockatrices
  • 6 Elder Scrolls (TM Bethesda Softwarks, all rights retained)
  • 7 is a lucky number of scrolls
  • 8 scrolls is getting to be a bit ridiculous
  • 9 scrolls now you’re just trolling us
  • 10 scrolls is simply impossible. Screenshots or GTFO
  • 11 shit/bonerz

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Infinite scroll


Back on topic: Firewatch itself is getting review-bombed on Steam because of the developer’s decision.

Prominent indie dev weighs in on the situation on Twitter, and Hardcore Gamers get predictably upset in the replies:


Well, sure. The guy gets 6 million views per day. Each episode of the big bang theory gets 19 million, but it’s only on once a week, 24 weeks per year!

Pewdiepie has five times the reach of the #1 most watched sitcom on TV, the #5 most watched show overall.

  • Pewdiepie = 6 million/day = 2.2 BILLION (2,200 million) views per year

  • Big Bang Theory = 19 million/episode, 24 episodes/year = 456 million views per year

This why it matters when some jerkoff kid from Sweden starts going to racism for the lulz. He’s vastly more popular than you realize.


What does that guy think Valve is supposed to do about that? Quantity based rating systems like in Steam are inherently flawed to begin with, even when ignoring the potential for abuse like this.


It wouldn’t necessarily help in this case, but a lot of review-bombing on Steam historically could have been curbed quite a bit by requiring more than literally six minutes of logged playtime to leave a review, or by requiring more than the one-sentence reviews, meme reviews, and special-character-spam reviews that plague so many games, review-bomb targets or otherwise.

Alternatively, Valve could take a cue from Wikipedia and implement a system to lock down reviews for a given game temporarily if something controversial happens surrounding the game but ultimately not related to the game itself, such as this Firewatch incident or all the stuff that happened with Gone Home way back when, but that seems like far more work than they’d be willing to implement, particularly since any such system would have to be controlled by Valve themselves and not the game’s developers.


I found @wumpus’s alt